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3G Real-Time Magnetic Tracking devices for Assets Tracking
3G Real-Time Magnetic Tracking devices for Assets Tracking 3G Real-Time Magnetic Tracking devices for Assets Tracking
  • 3G Real-Time Magnetic Tracking devices for Assets Tracking

  • Manufacturer: Eelink
    Demension: 95x58x24.5
    Weight: 152g
    GSM Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    WCDMA Band: W800/W850/W900/W1900/W2100MHz
    Waterproof: IP67
    Battery capacity: 4200mAh
    GPT19 is a small 3G magnetic tracking device with compact design,which can be used in assets tracking/cargo tracking.Before buying the device,please check the details.Have any question about the 3G magnetic GPS tracker,please contact us.
  • $35.00-$45.00
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  • Description Features
    Magnetic GPS Tracking devices can be used in worldwide,which supprot 3G WCDMA network.
    the Magnetic Tracking devices not only can track you car in real time,but also tracke your asset accurately includ cargo tracking.

    It is the ideal asset tracker because its small size and large battery which can be placed in a hidden space for a long period of time, without having to retrieve it to recharge it on a regular basis.

    We can imagine such a scenario. When you have a lot of valuable assets to transport, you may need to know in real time where the assets have arrived. At this time, the magnetic GPS tracker will play its role. We can open the tracking app, and we can know the location of the goods through mobile phones or computers.

    Even if our cargo moves abnormally, we can enable the alarm function of the tracking equipment and learn the abnormal situation in time.

    Another advantage of this magnetic GPS tracker is that it has long standby time, which allows us to avoid worrying about frequent device replacement. This equipment is suitable for large seaborne cargo shippment especially.

    What's more, the magnetic GPS tracker is installed using a magnet adsorption method. We don't need to connect wires for him. which reduces our workload and improves work efficiency

    You can get instant alerts when your GPS tracker enters any particular location of your choices.

    Movement alerts. Receive an instant message if your asset is moved without authorization. These can be sent to you by text message and/or email.

    Industrial strength magnets. Magnets are set inside your GPS tracker’s casing, to mount on metal such as under a vehicle or plant/agricultural machinery.


    ■ Start Emergency mode, device will start real-time tracking and uploaded data through WCDMA/GPRS regularly
    ■ Device Module passed PTCRB, GCF, FCC,IC, R&TTE, RCM, CCC, Giteki, Anatel, AT&T etc
    ■ Track device through WEB/APP/SMS
    ■ EELINK protocol 2.0, Firmware OTA
    ■ Supports GSM/WCDMA, include 9 band, universal in the world. 
    ■ Built-in 4200mAh zero self-discharge disposable battery, can stand up to three years( Power on once per day)
    ■ GPS/LBS precise/aid positioning, Support A-GPS
    ■ Strong magnetic force, can be adsorped on iron
    ■ Military grade three anti-performance, waterproof to IP67
    ■ Built-in light sensor on the bottom, device will power on once it’s removed, and trigger a remove alarm, send SMS to administrator. 
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