GPS Tracker for kid

In 2017 alone there were 464,324 National Crime Information Center entries for missing children in the U.S. Ultimately.

It is important to foucs on our kid's safety.There is a lot of controversy about installing gps tracker on children.

But,there is no doubt that GPS Tracker for kids greatly enhances security, and parents are more and more effective in monitoring children. Whether or not you want to track your kids is completely up to you.

The GPS Tracker for kids designed and developed by Eelink, the starting point is to solve the problem of children's travel safety when their parents can't take care of their children full time. This helps parents to take care of the children who are attending school more efficiently. When they are back to school or going home, we can quickly know where they are. Even when they are in danger, they can send out help information in time.

Eelink is a origin GPS kids tracker manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler. We have our own positioning platform and technical service support.You cam free use our APP for iOS and Android.

Our gps tracker for kid have many functions with high quality and compact size.Eelink is committed to being the industry's leading gps tracker manufacturer.

Order our GPS tracker in bulk to enjoy more benefits. We welcome more partners to become Eelink's gps tracker distributor.

Features of Eelink GPS tracker for kids

1.Free app available for iOS and Android
2.One-click SOS
3.Long standby time
4.After-sales support
5.30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee
6.12 months quality warranty
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