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Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with
Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with
  • Long standby 3G magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H with

  • Manufacturer: Eelink Communication
    Mfr No: GPT19-H
    Location: ShenZhen China
    Demension: 95x58x24.5

    GPT19-H is 3G magnetic GPS Tracker for assets manufactured by Eelink,which is mainly used in vehicles ,fleet management and portable.TK319-L datasheet are available at Eelink.send inquiry for wholesale magnetic GPS Tracker GPT19-H.

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    The description of  3G magnetic GPS Tracker

    GPT19-H Asset GPS Tracker is a small 3G WCDMA Asset tracking device designed for long term use without recharging. It’s roughly the size of a deck of cards and has an ultra-low power standby mode that enables tracking for up to 3 years on a single battery.

    Ideal for tracking vehicles, equipment, electronic assets, medical equipment and containers.

    Tracker has a rugged IP67 waterproof enclosure.Anti-tamper switch Built-in light sensor on the bottom, device will power alerts you if the tracker is ever removed. Get an instant text or e-mail alert.

    Magnet mount allows tracker to be attached to any metal surface.Trackable throughout internationally where there is WCDMA 3G cellular coverage.

    Basic info of  3G magnetic GPS Tracker

    GPT19-H is ideal for locating and protecting assets over a long period of time without the need for recharging.  The battery can last up to 3 years with 1 GPS position per day.

    It’s ideal for protecting property and equipment while minimizing any need for charging or maintenance.  It’s small size and magnetic mount allows it to be placed anywhere. Easily track equipment, assets and inventory our cloud based apps. Track the GPT19-H from any computer or smartphone. Get alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence). 

    New long standby GPS tracker GPT19-H has been released.It is widely applied for long time tracking upto 3 years.User can view the status of vehicle on tracking platform system via website and mobile APP.

    Default working mode is that the tracker works 2 minutes once per day, then it sleep, it will automatically wake up at that time and work for 2 mins, repeat this working mode.

    GPT19-3G-WCDMA magnetic gps-tracker

    FEATURES OF 3g magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H

    ■ Supports GSM/WCDMA, include 9 band, universal in the world. 
    ■ Built-in 4200mAh zero self-discharge disposable battery, can stand up to three years( Power on once per day)
    ■ GPS/LBS precise/aid positioning, Support A-GPS
    ■ Strong magnetic force, can be adsorped on iron
    ■ Military grade three anti-performance, waterproof to IP67
    ■ Built-in light sensor on the bottom, device will power on once it’s removed, and trigger a remove alarm, send SMS to administrator. 
    ■ Start Emergency mode, device will start real-time tracking and uploaded data through WCDMA/GPRS regularly
    ■ Device Module passed PTCRB, GCF, FCC,IC, R&TTE, RCM, CCC, Giteki, Anatel, AT&T etc
    ■ Track device through WEB/APP/SMS

    ■ EELINK protocol 2.0, Firmware OTA

    Application OF 3g magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H

    Asset Management
    Busiiness  vehicle tracking management
    Cold chain transport temperature detection
    Fleet management tracking
    Logistics Enterprises

    Parameter of 3g magnetic GPS tracker GPT19-H

    Voltage 3.6 V 

    Work Current GPRS(140mA); HSPA(460mA) 

    Sleep Current <30uA GPS Accuracy 5-15m LBS Accuracy About 100m (depend base station density)

    GPS Band 1575MHz 

    GSM Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz 

    WCDMA Band :W800/W850/W900/W1900/W2100MHz 

    Waterproof Level IP67 

    Working Temperature -20℃~70℃ 

    Hot/warm/cold Start <3s,<15s,<60s 

    Battery Capacity 4200mAh Dimensions (mm) 95(L)X 58(W) X 24.5(H) 

    Work Humidity 20%~80%RH Net 


    5 Benefits of GPT19

    1.Tamper alert switch make you cleared

    The GPT19 have a tamper alert switch that will send you a message when the tracker stays away from the original location. 
    When installing the tracker (using the built-in magnet or tape), press the tamper button,
    When the tracker is removed, the built-in light sensor at the bottom will alert you and receive real-time location information.

    2.Compact Design,Ultra-long battery life

    The GTP19 have a perfect compact design with Ultra-long battery life. 

    The dimensional design is continuously optimized by engineers.

    We don't have to recharge the GPT19 frequently. In general, it can last 3 years, which helps you reduce the administrative workload.

    We can know the location information in real time through the tracker app

    GPT19 collects information regularly every day. Through the tracker app, we can know the location information in real time.

    3. Suitable for multiple fields

    GTP19 is suitable for multiple applications, it can help you track corporate assets in real time, such as fleet and trailers you need to track.

    The GTP19 provides reliable, maintenance-free tracking for these applications.

    4.Integrate location data into your existing tracking workflows

    You can use tracker data directly in your existing software workflows with our easy to use API. Integration is easy and we can assist with the process of bringing location data into your current software systems. The API will update your software in real-time as your trackers move around the country.

    5.Easy to install

    GPT19 is a magnetic GPS tracker, which means you can abandon the cumbersome setup and just need to stick the tracker to a reasonable position on the object.

    ■ Real-time Tracking
    ■ Route Play Back
    ■ Pedometer
    ■ Speed Alarm
    ■ Geo-fence Alarm

    ■ Low Battery Alarm

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