Wifi Tracker

WiFi tracking technology not only has good precision and scalability, but its unique advantage is that WiFi chips have been widely used in various types of user intelligent terminals (smart phones, tablets, etc.).Wifi Tracker is a special tracker, the signal strength depends mainly on the density of wifi hotspots.

With the development of "wireless cities", Large-scale telecom operators, companies and homes have installed a large number of WiFi hotspots and gateways. 

By utilizing these existing WiFi facilities, construction and long-term operating costs can be significantly reduced, and targets of project can be quickly achieved. 

These are the best basic conditions and guarantees for the research of seamless positioning technology based on WiFi technology and the promotion of LBS applications.

1) Based on the standard WiFi network, we do not need to build additional network facilities, which greatly reduces the installation and working costs of the system;

2) Directly transfer data through the WiFi network, we can locate and wirelessly access the Internet at the same time.

3) High positioning accuracy, the precision can reach 3~5 meters, the local area can reach 1 meter, the height direction realizes the automatic switching of the floor, and the real-time performance is good;

4) The system capacity is large, one AP supports more than 200 terminals at the same time, and the distributed positioning server supports tens of thousands of people simultaneously online;

5) Various positioning terminals, in addition to the traditional WiFi tag card, it is perfectly compatible with the positioning of various WiFi smart devices, such as smart phones, PCs, etc.;

6) Support passive positioning, users can also locate without accessing WiFi network, and will not have a great impact on WiFi network access and communication bandwidth;

Application of WiFi tracker 

Smart property management

Smart home

Smart asset management

Smart aged service
There are two most common environments in which the elderly live. One is living at home and the other is living in a nursing home. 

Family members can perform real-time position monitoring on the elderly to achieve high efficiency monitoring.

The WiFi tracker support SOS alarm  If our parents falls or occur other dangerous situations, the button alarm can be triggered at any time. The family or community property personnel can receive the alarm information in time to avoid the danger.

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