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Eelink Culture

The culture of Eelink

Eelink Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with reliable and high quality products and perfect service experience.
At the same time, we continuously improve the company's technology development strength and improve product performance.

We have advanced management concepts and form the company's unique culture:

1. Customer first, service first.

We focus on customer needs and strive to develop products that satisfy our customers.
We strictly demand ourselves and tell ourselves that we are responsible for our customers and our products.

2. Integrity management, quality first

In order to control the quality of our products, we have developed a rigorous production process and manufacturing specifications to bring high quality and quality products to our customers.

3. Technological innovation, people-oriented, sustainable development

With the development of information technology quickly, we need to improve our own technology ability,fully carry forward the people-oriented concept, advocate environmental protection, and achieve sustainable development of the industry.


1. High quality products with good stability

We have a complete product line and strict control over product quality to ensure product availability.

2. R & D design team has strong technical strength

We have our own hardware and software team, experienced technical staff, and experts from the industry.

3. Fast delivery, strong supply capacity

You don't worry that we can't deliver the products on time, we can achieve a million annual production, you can choose us as your partner.

4. Perfect customer service system

We are able to provide one-stop service for product design, customization, production and delivery. Provide professional technical service support, pre-sales and after-sales consulting services.

5. High-tech enterprise qualification

The company's main products for sale

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers: GPRS+GPS, GPRS+WCDMA+GPS, GPRS+LTE CAT M1+GPS, GPRS+BEIDOU, GPRS+WCDMA+BEIDOU, vehicle OBD tracker, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity Portable intelligent terminal device, Bluetooth Beacon terminal.

We offer you vehicle tracking and communication solutions with our versatile range of products including:

1)GPS tracking software
2)WCDMA/4G LTE Cat M1, NB-IOT positioning
3)OBD & CAN bus related services
4)GPS tracker for car
5)GPS tracker ODM
6)GPS tracker OEM

7)Individual, vehicle and pet positioning

We also develop GPS tracking platform to work in sync with PC, android phone and Apple products. Our specialization area encompasses producing customized designs and solutions as per customer’s requirement. After strong popularity in the local markets, our world class products are now making a perpetual ingress into major overseas markets of Southeast Asia and North America.
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