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Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46
Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46 Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46 Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46 Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46 Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46
  • Battery powered GPS asset tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46

  • Manufacturer: EELINK
    Weight: 166g
    GPS Accuracy: 5-15m
    Application: Trailer/truck/vehicle tracking
    GPT46 is the latest Battery powered GPS tracking devices for car/trailer/truck from Eelink.GPT46 have 5500mAh rechargeable long lasting lithium Battery to keep the tracking device long life.

    The Top 4 features of battery powered GPS tracker GPT46:Long standby with 5500mAh  battery;IP65 waterproof level;suitable for car/trailer/truck and other asset;Ingrated LTE CAT M1/CAT NB2 (iOT network).

    To download the battery operated tracking device GPT46 manual 
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  • Description Features Specifications

    The best battery powered GPS tracker for your car/trailer/truck

    GPT46 have a large capacity rechargeable 5500mAh battery and It plays a significant role in trailer tracking and asset protection, which help you to achieve transparent management, reduce costs, ensure safety, and improve efficiency of fleet.

    GPT46 built-in big 5500mAh lithium battery,futhermore,it can be rechargeabled,which is the biggest change than the old gps tracker from Eelink.

    Due to battery sustainability,You will not worrry about the device died.You can Charge the battery.

    the gps tracker can be installed at trailer

    1.Higher Performance than other tracking device

    Compared with Long standby GPS Tracker GPT26, GPT46 has better performance, which is an upgraded version of GPT26.

    It is worth mentioning that the battery powered GPS tracker supports IoT networks. To view IoT tracing devices from Eelink.

    Tip:The IoT  tracking devices GPT12-L,which is the GPS tracker 5 year battery with Non-rechargeable battery,which is different from GPT46.

    2.More suitable for heavy vehicles such as trucks, trailers

    Relatively speaking, this battery powered GPS tracking device is heavier(166g) than other wired GPS trackers, which is more suitable for tracking trailers, trucks, etc. Its installation method is also more flexible.

    3..Supports multiple Positioning System

    GPT46 support GNSS Positioning System such as GPS,Beidou,Glonass,Galileo,Qzss,allows the device to use the large number of satellites to get a position fix – making it faster and more accurate.

    4.Cellular Communications

    The GPT46 can be manufactured for specific markets around the world with cellular modem modules approved by all the major networks, and can roam across networks which equipped with multiple antennas

    5.Internal Antenna 

    GPT46 built-in GSM/LTE CAT M1/NB2 Antenna CERAMICS GPS Antenna


    How to install SIM CARD for this battery powered tracking devices

    Please check the GPT46 manual,all operation way you can find.

    How to test the device whether worked for network

    After SIM Card installation, Turn on/off the power switch, device will power on/off.You will see the LED flick

    LED Indicators

    When the Red LED flickers fast,means that tracking device is searching for GSM/Cat M1/Cat NB2 network, when it flickers slowly,means that device has registered network successfully. 

    The Blue LED flickers fast when device is searching for the Positioning satellite signal, it flickers slowly when device has searched the satellites and can be positioned.

    Do location services use a lot of battery ?

    Location services and the GPS can use up plenty of battery life. Depending on how you use your device, you may not need location services on most of the time.

    So turning them off, and only turning them on when you need them can save plenty of battery life. GPT46 have 3 mode you can choose: Precise mode;intelligent mode; power saving mode.

    Where do i find the Configuration Command of devices

    You can  find All Configuration Command at EELINK 2.0 protolcol

    Why does GPS need to Consume battery power?

    GPS is a very slow communication channel—you need to communicate with three or four satellites for an extended duration at 50 bits per second.

    When works, it needs to accept data such as transmission location information. To view more

    ■ Support GSM/SMS/EGPRS/ LTE CAT M1/ LTE CAT NB2 (iOT network)
    ■ GNSS: GPS/Beidou/Glonass/Galileo/Qzss etc
    ■ GNSS/Wi-Fi/LBS triple positioning way, Real time tracking /upload data regularly
    ■ Built-in temperature sensor, support temperature alarm
    ■ Built-in light sensor, detecting opening door/box behavior. 
    ■ 5500mAh rechargeable lithium Battery
    ■ IP65 waterproof level
    ■ Low power alarm, Vibration alarm, GEO-fence alarm
    ■ Temperature alarm, Light alarm
    ■ Keelin Platform/ Keelin APP/ SMS inquiry
    ■ Support EELINK 2.0, OTA Firmware upgrade

    ■ Third party platform integration 

    LTE CAT M1 Band

    B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B18 B19/B20/B25/B26/B27/B28/B66/B85

    LTE CAT NB2 Band 

    B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25 B26/B27/B28/B66/B71/B85

    GNSS Band :1575MHz

    EGPRS Band


    GPS Module  Quectel BG96+61D
    GPS Positioning Accuracy 5m-15m (Depending on GPS Signal)
    LBS Positioning Accuracy ~200m (Depending on density of base stations)
    GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz C/A code
    Network LTE CAT M1/NB2 / GSM, SMS
    EGPRS Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    LTE CAT M1 Band B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B27/B28/B66/B85
    LTE CAT NB2 Band B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B27/B28/B66/B71/B85
    LED Indicator GPS-Blue; GSM-Red
    Hot/Warm/Cold Start <3s,<26s,<35s
    Work Current LTE data (400mA); GPRS data (500mA); Idle(3mA);30uA(power off)
    IP Waterproof Level IP65
    Dimensions (mm) 120(L) X 69(W) X 19.5(H)mm
    Operating Voltage 3.6V DC
    Environment Temperature -20○C - 65○C
    Environment Humidity -20ºC~60ºC/ 20%~90%RH
    Battery capacity 5500mAh; 3.3~4.2V;
    Charge 5V@1A
    Net Weight 166g
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