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4G LTE FDD Tracking device with External Battery for fleet/Truck/cargo tracking
4G LTE FDD Tracking device with External Battery for fleet/Truck/cargo tracking 4G LTE FDD Tracking device with External Battery for fleet/Truck/cargo tracking 4G LTE FDD Tracking device with External Battery for fleet/Truck/cargo tracking
  • 4G LTE FDD Tracking device with External Battery for fleet/Truck/cargo tracking

  • Manufacturer: EELINK
    Model: Tk419

    If you want to tracking your fleet/Truck/cargo,the 4G LTE FDD tracking device with the external battery is your best chiose.

    4G LTE FDD tracking device with the external batteryTK419 is applied to monitor vehicles by GPS. Real time locations is transmitted to the server through4G LTE,WCDMA,GPRSnetwork. Locations information is displayed on Google map via PC, APP.  GPS Tracker helps customers to improve the management efficiency, reduce maintenance cost, restrict drivers' driving behavior, protect vehicles' security.

    The external battery device means you can track your vehicle 7/24 without interruption.

    The Installation process of 4G wired tracking device is more complicated than wireless gps tracker.But don't worry, we will teach you how to do.

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    It often make us feel anxiety that our gps tracker is out of power when our car is driving, which prevents us from control the fleet data in real time.

    If you have several vehicles to track, the best way that track of your car without interruption is to add external battery to tracking device.

    Normally, if your gps tracker supports an external battery, your device will also have more features such as overspeed alarm, ACC detection.

    The 4G LTE FDD Tracking device TK419 produced by Eelink is a gps tracker that can support external batteries.

    Its advantage lies not only in the use of 4G network technology, but also in its multifunctional. It is best solution for fleet/truck/cargo tracking.

    Terminator of vehicle theft thief

    Theft,misuse and resouce management is the common issues faced by the vehicles owners and Fleet operators. 

    Once installed the GPS tracking devices,the theft thief will be feard. Because we can Tracking the driving status and location information of the vehicle.Even if our car is stolen, we can quickly notify the police to arrest, the location of the thief is no longer a secret.Installing GPS tracking devices for your car is good soutions for solve the problem that your car be stolen.

    It is no doubt that Tk419 does better in vehicle position tracking.

    Next we will learn more details about tk419, a 4G LTE FDD tracking device with the external battery.

    The brief Description about 4G LTE GPS tracker with the external battery

    4G LTE GPS Tracker TK419 is real time GPS Tracking device for vehicles, cars, fleet management. It uses GPS (uBlox embedded AGPS algorithm) in combination with performance optimized multi-bands 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM module of uBlox to report vehicle's location.   

    Tk419 supports externer battery, it can extend the device working time when GPS Tracker is disconnected with car battery. It is more preferrable for the situation when no car bettery is provided. 

    4G LTE GPS Tracker TK419 is provisioned for TCP/IP, UDP and SMS data services for application command and or data transaction within the GSM, WCDMA, 4G LTE network. Network provisioning is done using SIM technology for reliability and cost saving. 

    It is designed with LED Light, Red and Blue. Two LED status helps to verify the correct installation and initial operation. The unique power management allows the two LEDs to be extinguished once installation is verified to be correct.

    GPS Tracker TK419 Features

    * Compact 4G LTE GPS Tracker for real time vehicles tracking. With 2G Coverage slowly coming to an end, it is time to upgrade to 3G or 4G. 

    * Real time tracking with 30seconds uploading intervals

    * Built in 3D Acceleration sensor & Battery.

    * Car alarms, such as crash alarm, Vibration alarm, Geo-fence alarm, Speed alarm.

    * Tracked by PC, APP, SMS. Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android smartphone or web browser.

    * ACC status detection;

    * Remotely cut off oil/engine, Speed control (Need relay). 

    * Support SOS or ibutton or external battery.

    * OTA Upgrade the firmware.

    * Waterproof IP65.

    * Support the integration into customers' tracking Platform.

    GPS tracker TK419 other Function Extension

    SOS: When driver has an emergency or in danger, press the panic button more than 3 seconds, device will trigger SOS alarm to PC, APP, SMS to alert the vehicles owner or fleet operators that something unusual happened. 

    iButton:  Record drivers' information. It shall match the records when driver start the vehicles. It is not allowed to use the vehicles when users' information is not recorded. 

    GPS Tracker TK419 Specification

    Catalogue     GPS Tracker
    Model     TK419
    LTE Bands FDD (B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28); TDD(B40)
    WCDMA frequency
    GSM frequency     


    GPS Chip     uBlox GPS

    internal GPS antenna, internal 4G LTE Antenna

    GPS Band     1575MHz
    Working Volage 12 /24 /36/ 48 /60 / 72V DC (9-72V DC)
    IP Waterproof Level
    Optional Accessories

    SOS Button

    External battery

    Dimensions (mm)
    89mm x 37mm x 12mm
    Environment Temperature
    20°C- 75°C 
    Environment Humidity
    20% ~ 80% RH
    Battery capacity
    140m Ah
    Net Weight

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    The customer can use our GPS tracking system( the third-party platform is ok)

    EELINK develop own GPS Tracking system. A great many of GPS Trackers can be managed on the tracking system. Location information, alarms records can be checked on the platform. It is more convenient for fleet management by using GPS Tracking system. 

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