Magnetic GPS Tracker

Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker with no monthly fee

Buy hidden vehicle Magnetic GPS Tracker with no monthly fee.Start to track your asset efficiently with Eelink Magnetic tracking devices.

What is the Magnetic GPS Trackers

Magnetic GPS Trackers is a device that is hidden on your vehicle using a magnet.Not only can Magnetic tracking device be used to track your car, but it can also be used to track your assets, such as ship cargo,truck,trailer. Due to its small size, Magnetic GPS Trackers can be well hidden anywhere near tracked objects.

What's more,Hidden Magnetic GPS Trackers can help you to locate cars and trucks tracking their movements in real time.

Magnetic GPS tracker is extremely easy and flexible to install using strong magnetic design. With large built-in battery, the device is suitable for asset/Vehicle tracking. With Magnetic GPS Tracker, You can know the location of the vehicle anytime and anywhere.

Generally speaking, Magnetic GPS trackers have a built-in high-capacity battery that can support long standby features.Eelink‘s magnetic vehicle tracking device is one of the most competitive GPS tracking devices available. 

Fully waterproof and with more than 3 years of battery life but Power on once per day.View the details Long standby 3 years magnetic GPS tracker.

The biggest benefits of Magnetic vehicle tracker/asset tracker can locate in a hidden space for a long period of time, without having to retrieve it to recharge it on a regular basis.Because its small size and large battery.Eelink's Magnetic GPS trackers allow you to easily monitor anything from single vehicles to entire fleets, so they are total fit for purpose no matter what the specific requirement of the device is.

Does your magnetic tracking devices have a monthly fee ?

All our devices including hidden magnetic tracking units require no monthly fee.

Does your vehicle magnetic tracking devices support third-party platforms ?

Yes,we have a open protocols,any third-party tracking platforms we can support.
And,our tracking app Android and iOS for all clients are free.

How to Properly put a Magnetic GPS Tracker ? So You Don't Lose It

Firstly,please make sure it is safe and secure,Then flat surface on the mental.

Finally,avoid exhaust systerm or fuel tank.  See the Video tutorial

Our service

You can bulk order or wholesale Magnetic GPS tracker from Eelink.We can provide you with a high quality one-stop end-to-end solution include OEM/ODM,Customize,manufacture so on.


The built-in battery of this magnetic GPS tracker does not support charging, which has more than 3 years of battery life but Power on once per day.If you have fewer requirements for positioning data, but accurate positioning, magnetic GPS tracker will be your good choice. Vehicle agnetic GPS devcies are the most accurate tracking devices available, providing you with real-time location of your vehicle on your Mapping Platform.

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