Magnetic GPS Tracker

Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker with no monthly fee

Buy hidden vehicle Magnetic GPS Tracker with no monthly fee.Start to track your asset efficiently with Eelink Magnetic tracking devices.

What is the Magnetic GPS Trackers

Magnetic GPS Trackers is a device that is hidden on your vehicle using a magnet.Not only can Magnetic tracking device be used to track your car, but it can also be used to track your assets, such as ship cargo,truck,trailer. Due to its small size, Magnetic GPS Trackers can be well hidden anywhere near tracked objects.

What's more,Hidden Magnetic GPS Trackers can help you to locate cars and trucks tracking their movements in real time. Magnetic GPS tracker is extremely easy and flexible to install using strong magnetic design. With large built-in battery, the device is suitable for asset/Vehicle tracking. With Magnetic GPS Tracker, You can know the location of the vehicle anytime and anywhere. Generally speaking, Magnetic GPS trackers have a built-in high-capacity battery that can support long standby features.Eelink‘s magnetic vehicle tracking device is one of the most competitive GPS tracking devices available. 

Fully waterproof and with more than 3 years of battery life but Power on once per day.View the details Long standby 3 years magnetic GPS tracker. The biggest benefits of Magnetic vehicle tracker/asset tracker can locate in a hidden space for a long period of time, without having to retrieve it to recharge it on a regular basis.Because its small size and large battery.Eelink's Magnetic GPS trackers allow you to easily monitor anything from single vehicles to entire fleets, so they are total fit for purpose no matter what the specific requirement of the device is.

Does your magnetic tracking devices have a monthly fee ?

All our devices including hidden magnetic tracking units require no monthly fee.

Does your vehicle magnetic tracking devices support third-party platforms ?

Yes,we have a open protocols,any third-party tracking platforms we can support. And,our tracking app Android and iOS for all clients are free.

How to Properly put a Magnetic GPS Tracker ? So You Don't Lose It

Firstly,please make sure it is safe and secure,Then flat surface on the mental.

Finally,avoid exhaust systerm or fuel tank.  See the Video tutorial

Our service

You can bulk order or wholesale Magnetic GPS tracker from Eelink.We can provide you with a high quality one-stop end-to-end solution include OEM/ODM,Customize,manufacture so on.


The built-in battery of this magnetic GPS tracker does not support charging, which has more than 3 years of battery life but Power on once per day.If you have fewer requirements for positioning data, but accurate positioning, magnetic GPS tracker will be your good choice. Vehicle agnetic GPS devcies are the most accurate tracking devices available, providing you with real-time location of your vehicle on your Mapping Platform. Kewwords: gps car tracker magnetic,magnetic gps tracker,hidden gps tracker for car,gps for car tracking hidden,vehicle tracking device no monthly fee,hidden gps tracking device best car tracking device,best hidden gps tracker for car,vehicle gps tracker


best hidden gps tracker for car: GPS/LBS positioning industry's strongest magnet, built-in GPS antenna, fast star search, real-time tracking, cigarette box size, no wiring, strong 3 pieces of the largest ultra-high magnetic magnet, built-in strong magnetic adsorption, built-in 10000 Milliampere, long standby time, rechargeable use, dual-mode satellite base station positioning. gps car tracker magnetic small person with large capacity, long standby, mode settings, diversification, super power saving mode, low power, more power saving, standby time beyond your imagination.

basic skills

●Real-time monitoring: 24 hours a day satellite positioning and tracking. Timing tracking.

●Ultra high performance: Using satellite + base station signal differential calculation, positioning accuracy is as high as 3-5 meters.

●Ultra-small size: 2/3 the size of a cigarette box, slightly larger than a matchbox, and small in size, you can install it where you want.

●Strong performance: It can be recharged and used, and there is also a charging-free type that does not need to be recharged.

●Sleep wakeup: GPS will automatically enter sleep state without command tracking.

Hidden car GPS tracker installation precautions

1. If the car mainly wants to place the locator at the bottom of the car, first of all, you need to make sure that the selected bottom position will not affect the driving of the car, the temperature is low, there is no metal surround, and the device supports strong magnetic adsorption, which is not easy to be found.

2. When installing a GPS device, do not surround the place where the signal is transmitted from the iron side. Although GPS can transmit from left to right, the signal is strongest towards the sky because the satellite positioning is towards the sky.

Gps car tracker magnetic installation method

If the location meets these conditions, then the equipment can be "waterproofed". Since the bottom of the vehicle is easily exposed to rainwater, it is very unfriendly to the equipment. Therefore, if you want to install the equipment on the bottom of the car, you can put a waterproof bag or the like to wrap the equipment to prevent rainwater from damaging the equipment. After confirming that the equipment is sealed and waterproof, you can directly attach the equipment to the bottom position.

check if the equipment is installed firmly

After installing the locator, the owner can try to pull the device with a small force. If the location of the device does not move, then it proves that the device is installed firmly, as long as the device can be positioned.

gps for car tracking hiddenProduct Features

1. Without any connecting line, it is easy to install.

2. Built-in high-capacity super lithium battery, with ultra-low self-discharge rate and wide temperature adaptability. Ordinary lithium batteries generally only work at 0°C to 50°C.

3. Ultra-long working hours, real-time positioning, regular location reporting, and multiple modes can be set at any time to meet the different needs of customers.

4. Ultra-low power consumption, the working current of the product in the sleep state can be reduced to below 0.03ma, ensuring that the product can work for a long time.

5. GPS for car tracking hidden and products with similar performance specifications, the smallest size, easy to hide installation; provide professionally built vehicle safety GPS solutions and products for leasing, credit, mortgage, installment, and mortgage cars. gps for car tracking hidden, no need for wiring, more concealment, anti-sweeping, anti-interference, anti-shielding, multiple reporting modes can be set at will, more flexible and flexible, it is the last line of defense for vehicles, and there is no monthly fee for vehicle tracking devices.

gps for car tracking hidden system function

1. Detection module: Using signal feature detection technology, it can detect the signal features sent by multiple targets in 360 degrees, and locate the position of the target according to the signal;

2. Serial server: The WiFi serial server is connected to the network through a wireless router, and communicates with the server on the network (LAN or Internet) through TCP Client or UDP;

3. Tablet terminal: Intel 64-bit powerful 4-core processor, the dynamic frequency is up to 2.39Ghz, and the performance is doubled and upgraded;

4. Three-dimensional pan/tilt: a variety of detection angle adjustment, central axis lifting adjustment, can be suitable for any detection scene;

best hidden gps tracker for car is a newly developed GPS positioning detection device for car dealers, which can accurately capture and locate CDMA signals and other 2G/3G/4G signals of the whole network. It is also a multi-channel data transmission detector. best hidden gps tracker for car will be the most reliable and best car tracking device tool in the hands of engineers or anti-monitoring experts, used to detect various locators, eavesdroppers, candid cameras, etc., such as CDMA, GSM, DCS and other new audio-visual devices .

gps for car tracking hiddenMain customer groups

Cargo tracking, container truck tracking, luggage anti-theft, excavator, hook machine, procuratorate tracking case handling, customs inspection, public security technical investigation, national security bureau, bank cash drawer, detective company base station battery anti-theft, security guards, sanitation personnel, traffic police, patrol police , urban construction inspector, police station patrolman, railway patrolman, power repair personnel, postal courier, logistics company consignee, speed measurement of athletes, field construction workers, forestry and forest inspections, tour guides, tourists, prisoners, etc. .

hidden gps tracking device technical parameters

GSM global frequency band 850MHZ/900MHZ1800MZH/1900MHZ


GPS sensitivity 159dBM

GPS frequency 1575.42

(Beidou dual-mode terminal frequency can be customized 1559-1577MHZ)

GPS positioning accuracy 3-8 meters

GSM positioning accuracy 30-300 meters

Speed accuracy 0.1 meters

Cold start - 48 seconds

Hot start - 2 seconds

The first star search is to search for stars in an open space

Maximum altitude 18000 meters

Maximum speed 515 meters

Working temperature -20--+70℃

Humidity 20%---80%RH

Charging voltage 0-5V DC Dimensions

96*62*32 cigarette case size

hidden gps tracking device built-in battery 1000mA current 40UA(sleep)~(normal standby))~50mA red light.

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