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Real Time Vehicle Tracking devices for your fleet with no monthly fee

Vehicle tracking device can help you manage your fleet better.Based on the collected driving data to help you make better optimization fleet management. Vehicle tracking device has become a standard for fleet management companies and vehicle rental companies.

Once the GPS tracker for your car is installed, you can observe vehicle behavior in real time, such as driving track, mileage data, etc.,What’s more,When you buy the GPS car tracker from Eelink,you will save much money for your company.

Because you dont need to pay any hidden fees,monthly fees.

where to use GPS CAR TRACKER

Complete GPS car Trackers Type We can Provide

We can manufacture complete types of GPS Car Trackers.Customers can choose the suitable GPS car tracking devices based on their needs,and we will provide the GPS tracking solution for car to make you satify! There is many GPS Car tracker we supply include:

1.Built-in battery GPS Trackers for car(rechargeable)

Its main advantage is that it is easy to install ,and the design size is small and compact. What is more,the standby time is up to 1-3 years,which save your time.
If you want to tracking your car once or twice a day, then Battery-Operated GPS Trackers is your good choice.

2.OBD GPS trackers(wireless GPS Tracker for car)

OBD GPS trackers plug into the OBD port of a light or medium duty vehicle.The advantage is that you can install it quickly.You only need to plug it into the car OBD interface, it will work stably.

The disadvange is that it is easy to find and dismantle,if you don't care,OBD GPS trackers are a good choice for you.

3.Wiring GPS car tracker

Wiring-type GPS car tracker has a wider range of functions, and we can customize features including SOS alert,remotely cutting engine off.
Another advantage of the wired GPS car tracker is that it can get more information about the vehicle, which helps some fleet truck companies to manage the car well.

4.Magnetic GPS Tracker for car

GPS tracker for trailer,equipment,vehicle

How About Our GPS Car Tracker Pricing

In general, if you purchase a GPS Car Tracker, you will be charged for these items: hardware tracking device,   the tracking platform fees, SIM card fees, and post-maintenance maintenance fees.

The price of GPS Car Tracker is different based on the function of the device. The more functions, the more expensive the devices.

It is worth say that You only need to pay a small fee to enjoy our more services including Free technical services,after-sales services.

The most important points is that NO Hidden fees and NO Monthly FEES.

There are some GPS car trackers you can find for under $25, especially if you find a company that is running a special promotion. These options can include basic features such as real time tracking and playback of routes traveled.

$25 - $50: This is the most common range for a quality GPS tracker. This price range typically has higher network stability and better range.

Above 50$: There are more customize functions for tracker at this range of price.If you bulk order GPS tracker,you would get a discount.The best devices is right for you.Learn more How to choose the right GPS vehicle tracker.

8 Reasons Choose Our GPS Car Tracker 

1.Professional VEHICLE tracking device manufacturer since 2004

2.Spend less money to get more services include technical support,after-sales service etc

3.The tracking platform is free to use for the duration, no any hidden fees,monthly fees.

4.We provide one year warranty and free warranty service

5.More types of products model you can choose 

6.Customize more functions based your needs.

7.One-stop tracking solution.

8.Worldwide use,Support 2G/3G/4G network

About Eelink

Eelink is a brand GPS vehicle tracker manufacturer, wholesaler. Eelink can provide you with a high quality one-stop tracking solution.

Eelink have the ability to mass produce GPS Trackers for car. We have our own positioning platform and perfect technical TEAM.You can use freely our software for IOS and Andriod.

When the 2G/3G GPS car tracker is still on the market, we are ahead of the market and have developed a new generation of  LTE 4G GPS tracker for car.

4G GPS vehicle tracker is the most competitive product of Eelink communication technology.Eelink is committed to being the industry's leading GPS vehicle tracker manufacturer.

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