3G GPS Tracker

The profile about Eelink's 3G GPS tracker

Eelink is a brand GPS tracker manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler globally. 

We supply the best 3G gps tracking devices to customers from all over the world.

Eelink can provide you with a complete tracking solution to one-stop service including hardware devices,software design and technical support.

Whether you are an individual or a business, we can find the best solution for you.

So far, more than 30,000+ customers have chosen Eelink's 3G GPS TRACKER.

3G GPS tracker manufactured by Eelink is the most competitive 3G WCDMA devices in all 3G tracking device industry.

How to buy 3G GPS tracking devices at Eelink

All 3G tracking devices produced by Eelink is built to meet customer needs.

Before you buy 3G GPS tracker,we need to discuss deeply about your needs, the number of orders, and whether you need software services so on.

If you order a large quantity of devices, we will set a production plan to ensure On-time delivery.

Our sales staff will serve you 7/24.Order 3G GPS tracker in bulk to enjoy lower price. Welcome more partners to become Eelink 3G GPS tracker distributor.

We also provide you with 3G GPS tracker customization, 3G gps tracker OEM/ODM service.

Why Choose Eelink's 3G GPS tracker

1.Better performance than 2G device

The 3G GPS  tracker is an upgrade to the 2G GPS tracker.The 3G gps tracker has faster data transfer speeds, a wider signal range and better stability than 2G devices.

2.Production capacity

We have industry-leading production levels and you don't have to worry about the level of professional.

As the leader in the field of tracking equipment manufacturing, we have sufficient mass production capabilities. Our annual output can reach 100,000 units. We are able to deliver on time.

It's is a important factor to consider when you buy the devices.Our professional R&D capabilities are deserved to trust .

Futher more,We have our own factories, strictly control the quality, and produce equipment that make our customers satisfied.

3.Professional level in vehicle tracking

Whether you are a corporate team or a personal owner, our 3G devices is better to help you manage and excel in vehicle theft, vehicle trajectory enquiries, and vehicle safety improvements.

You can purchase our 3G gps trackers based on your requirement.You can the customize the function we can make.

4.Excellent Services

Onced you buy our devices and services,you will become the Gold member. You will receive the benefits:Free technical support; Unlimited Aftter-Sales;Quality assurance 12 month;Dynamic update for new arrival.

5.Compact and reasonable design

Our professional hardware engineers personally design to make equipment perfect in every aspect.You can easy to install the device in your vehicle.

6.Lower price,High quality

3G GPS tracker type

The main types of 3G GPS tracker: 3G OBD GPS tracker, 3G Magnetic GPS Tracker, 3G wired GPS tracker, depending on the function and installation method.

The 3G GPS tracking devices series products currently being sold mainly by Eelink are TK319, TK119, TK116.

Where can the 3G GPS tracker be used

3G GPS tracker can be widely used in Fleet management, Supply-chain management, Asset tracking, Cargo tracking so on.

The future of 3G GPS tracker

With the improvement of network facilities and the development of technology, 2G GPS tracker will become the knockout, 3G GPS tracker will become a bridge to 4G GPS tracker, but which need to a long time to achieve. 3G GPS tracking device will still be the mainstream equipment for a long time in the market.

The price of 3G GPS tracker

The price range for 3G GPS tracking devices on the market is 40$-100$. Some companies pay monthly, usually around $14/month.

Eelink ‘s 3G devices is a one-time charge, the price of each model is not the same, you can contact the saler for details.

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