OBD GPS Tracker

The best OBD GPS tracker for car/vehicle no monthly fee

The OBD GPS car/vehicle tracker,Eelink manufactured,is the top car tracking device in the market.The plug in GPS tracker for car can position the location and Speed in real time.

Does the OBD GPS tracker have a quality assurance ?

Yes,our all tracking devices have 100% high quality.If there is a quality problem with our obd tracking devices, we will return and repair for no reason

How install OBD GPS tracker

OBD gps tracker is a easy to install tracking device for car.Firstly you should cheack it whether your car have OBD port.If so,you can directly plug in the GPS tracker to the obd port.You can refer to the manufacturer‘s manual to view the installation details or consult the hardware technical support.

Is there no monthly fee for the OBD GPS tracker ?

There is no monthly fee for our obd car tracking device,and  it is a fixed price. beacuse we are the tracking device manufacturer to supply the hardware devices,The tracking platform provider you can choose free.If you have the need for our platform,you should pay the extra fee.

How to describe the Eelink’s OBD GPS tracker ?

In some aspects, the Eelink's obd GPS tracker is the best tracking device for your car, which is Plug-n-Play device, which have better performance.The obd car tracker support more features.
The one of the  feature is Easy to Install,and the  OBD-II GPS Vehicle Tracker suitable for cars and fleet very well.

Want to know What is the OBD GPS tracker,How does OBD GPS tracker work,The advantages and  disadvantage of OBD GPS tracker,You can read the article about OBD GPS Tracker.

What types of OBD GPS tracker do you manufactured

beacuse Eelink is the top GPS tracking device manufacturer, we have the ability to manufactured all type of OBD car tracker for your needs. Beased on your requirement,we can customize the best suitable OBD tracking device for you. The 2G OBD GPS tracker are available at Eelink,and the 3G OBD tracker,4G OBD GPS tracker we can produc according to your order quantities.

If you are looking for a OBD GPS tracker manufacturer/supplier to expand your business, Eelink will be your better choice.

You can wholesale high quality OBD GPS tracker with affordable price.

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. Ltd is a creative hi-tech company which focus on R&D GPS tracker  and one-stop tracking solution. We offer customization according to different customer's requirements. We also provide the service of OEM/ODM GPS tracker.

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