OBD GPS Tracker


Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. Ltd is a creative hi-tech company which focus on GPS tracker R&D and market leading. We offer customization according to different customer's requirements. We provide the service of OEM.ODM GPS tracker.

You can choose to customize your obd gps tracker under the following cases

*Case one 

We customize one OBD tracker to provide complete tracking solutions for a well-known company. This model combined hardware to software, including base positioning service platform and value-added positioning service platform. Users can quickly track, position their cars through this platform

*Case two 

We design and customize one tracker used in food transportation industry for an American Logistic Food Transportation Company. This tracker monitors the food temperature all the way during transportation. 

*Case Three 

Special Customization GPS Tracker for North American customer. We've got FCC, PTCRB Certificate and the defective rate is less than 0.1%. Sales volume has reached one million till now. 

*Case Four 

Customize GPS phone for kids with multiple function of positioning, remote monitoring and radiation protection.

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