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  • With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, in the Internet of Things era, locators have gradually approached the public’s field of vision. Now we can see that GPS locators are widely used in all walks of life, which has helped the development of the industry.
  • Where can the positioner be used? do you know? In some people's opinion, the biggest use scenario of positioning equipment, whether using GPS or Beidou system, is in the automotive field, guiding the fleet company to effectively manage the company's vehicles and accurately understand their location in real time.
  • Eelink join in the COVID-19 IoT Alliance to try to help.we will provide the service:1.The high quality GPS tracking device at a special discounted price.2.Free technical consultation and installation consultation.3.The GPS tracking device OEM / ODM service at a special price.4.Tracking solution consultation
  • Eelink Holiday time: Jan. 19th to Feb.10th, 2019 There is holiday for Chinese Lunar New Year from Jan. 31th to Feb.03th, 2020.
  • Temperature Monitoring For Cold Chain is important solution in IoT temperature filed,which make it easy and efficiency to monitoring temperature.
  • At the end of every year, the holidays bring more joy and goodwill to the world.We’d like to thank you for this wonderful year! Your support and trust is what inspires us to develop most cutting-edge IoT GPS Tracker.
  • Free personal tracking platform GPS-Trace support Eelink’s tracking devices.We builded good cooperation with GPS Trace.
  • There are so many benefits to Become Eelink's GPS Tracker Distributor.view the more detais about Eelink's GPS Tracker Distributor Program
  • Eelink launched the newest 4G LTE/ NB-iot device GPT12-L with cheap price.GPT12-L is currently available for pre-sale, and customers can purchase samples based on needs.
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