Temperature Beacon

Eelink's Bluetooth Temperature Beacon devices usege in cold-chain/warehouse/asset tracking.Use low-energy Bluetooth technology to collect temperature and humidity of the environment and transfer to beacon APP via Bluetooth 5.0. It can store up 180 days temperature and humidity data. Temperature beacon integrated the best tempeterature sensor to ensure the accuracy.

The Bluetooth temperature beacon is developed by the Eelink Communication Technology,which is mainly used in the field of temperature monitoring.

Eelink’s Bluetooth temperature Beacon devices can usege in cold-chain/warehouse/Medicament transport,which used the newest low-energy Bluetooth technology and high accuracy sensor to monitor temperature and humidity.It can store up 180 days temperature and humidity data. 

It is no doubt that the temperature beacon device with high accuracy temperature sensor will greatly increase the efficiency of the company's monitoring of temperature and reduce the costs associated with the enterprise.

Beacon devices has a wide range of applications, but there are very few cases for temperature and humidity monitoring.

This is a new Temperature revolution in the Internet of Things era to make it so easy and cheap to monitor the temperature.

Eelink's temperature beacon products use Bluetooth 5.0 for data transmission and have lower power consumption.The temperature beacon can up to 5 years of standby time.

The most important feature of Eelink's temperature beacon is the ability to accurately collect temperature and humidity data. Eelink has also developed a companion beacon app that allows us to view temperature data and other information on the phone at any time.

The summary of Bluetooth temperature Beacon features 

1.Accurately collect temperature and humidity data

2.Cache 180 days  data

3.Long standby 5 years

4.Free beacon APP to use

5.Good data insight by PC,smartphone

6.Support customized function

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