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Fleet tracking solution

GPS tracking solution

A Complete GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Eelink provides a complete GPS Fleet tracking solution for managers to track vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance needs—One-stop Service.

  1. Help your software integrate our tracking device well to customize your own Fleet tracking device
  2. Customize tracking devices functions or software features
  3. Help you integrate our device with Third-party platform

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OEM/ODM White-Label tracking devices

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Multiple Easy-install vehicle tracking devices

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Global coverage,2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT Network

GPS Tracking APP No Monthly Fees

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Unlimited Technical support,7/24

The Best Fleet Tracking Devices At A Factory Price

We can contribute the best fleet tracking device with factory price to your fleet tracking solution. As a brand IoT tracking device manufacturer , we have the ability to help your GPS tracking business run fast and stable.Eelink's fleet tracking devices allows you to monitor driver habits, discover safety improvements, guard against theft, boost fuel efficiency, eliminate dispatch guesswork, plan routes more effectively, and much more. 

A Complete Functions For Fleet Tracking Solution

Real-time tracking

Watch in-progress routes to stay current on vehicle locations so you can allocate, change, or divert resources in real-time.


Detailed Data updating

Clearly view detailed data, such as mileage, historical track, etc.while the vehicle is moving, providing turn-by-turn data accuracy.

Text and email alerts

Receive text and email updates about unsafe driver behavior and after-hours or out-of-area usage.


Quality Promise

 30-day full money back guarantee if device quality issues.One year warranty


Affordable solution

Only hardware devices with no monthly fees*

* Bulk order eelink Device with affordable price and high quality


OTA Upgrade

Update the software and firmware function to drive the device to run better when needed

Other Features

  • GeoFencing & Alerts

    Designate geofence zones and receive reports and alerts if vehicles or assets leave the area you specify.

  • Driver Performance Reports

    Get customizable reports detailing driver behavior (including bad habits), route replays, tips to boost fuel efficiency, and much more.

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    Monitor Diagnostic Trouble Codes with Linxup to keep your vehicles running smoothly - without the hassle.

  • Configurable Text Alerts (SMS)

    Setup a range of powerful alerts to notify you when fleet vehicles are used after-hours, enter geo-fence zones, exceed idle-time thresholds, or exhibit unsafe driving, and more.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Management

    Track maintenance schedules for each vehicle and receive reminders when scheduled items are due.

  • Historical Route Replays

    Review a vehicle’s history through an animated, interactive route replay that breaks each day down into detailed trip segments.

  • Ibutton/Authorized Certification

    Ibutton function can identify certified drivers and protect your assets

  • Complete Data Reporting 

    Automatically collect mileage data and complete reports for any state's DOT.

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