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The best cheap mini gps tracker for your car

1.Do you have a mini gps tracker for bike ?

That depends on your needs and the quantity of devices you order. When you meet these conditions, we can develop and custom mini bike GPS tracker for you.

2.What is price of your mini gps tracker

Our mini GPS tracker price is lower than most devices manufacturer。Minimum configured mini gps tracker for less than $ 20,and monthly fee.

3.What mini GPS tracker chip do you use ?

All our mini GPS trackers have integrated this best module and chip on the market, which is the reason why our product quality is better.

4.Do all mini GPS trackers need a SIM card?

Yes,all mini GPS trackers need a SIM card to achieve connectivity.

SIM cards can provide the GPRS traffic required for data transmission, and it is also an important medium for receiving commands to turn on audio and other advanced features.


Currently, most of our mini GPS trackers are used for car tracking. If you need other types of mini GPS trackers,for example,mini GPS tracker for pet, please contact us by Email.

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