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GPS Tracking Platform

The GPS tracking platform is part of the entire tracking system, which plays an important role.As we know, Any GPS tracking device needs the support of the server. If you want to track your fleet / asset / cargo well, you not only need high-quality GPS devices, but also a complete GPS tracking platform.

Through the GPS tracking platform, you can see numerous data, which will be clearly displayed on the mobile phone and computer interface through the platform.

Generally speaking, the GPS tracking platform can realize many complicated functions such as historical track report and SOS alert function.We can also set the required functions through the platform, 

There are many GPS tracking platforms on the market today, and users have many options. Eelink also developed an independent GPS trackin platform. Of course, when you purchase a GPS tracker from Eelink, you can also choose a third-party GPS tracking platform.

Eelink has established good relationships with many third-party tracking platforms. With the goal of bringing better service to customers, we are willing to advise them on the appropriate GPS TRACKING platform according to your needs.

Any GPS tracking platform can implemet our protocol.Eelink protocol is open. You can find that many tracking platform support our GPS tracking device. Welcome more platform join us.
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