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About Eelink

Who is Eelink

Founded in 2004, Eelink Communication Technology Limited is the  Brand IoT GPS tracker Manufacturer In China With High Reputation 

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have mass-produced a variety of GPS tracking devices, including vehicle tracking devicescargo tracking device, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Devices, Asset tracking device etc.

With years of development and technology accumulation, Eelink has become a top GPS tracker manufacturer company globally.

We have a good reputation in the industry, and there are many device models recognized by customers from all over the world,such as Tk116, TK119, TK319, etc.

Eelink Tracking devices are distributed in more than 40 countries around the world,which is widely used in fleet tracking, cargo tracking, truck tracking,Asset tracking.

Eelink's GPS tracker Factory

GPS tracker factory 1GPS tracker factory 2GPS tracker factory 3

More Tracking Platforms Eelink can Support 

Based on open Eelink2.0 protocol, we can support all tracking platforms.We have established good partnerships with more GPS tracking platforms . Our purpose is to let our customers enjoy better service and provide more choices for clients.

Based on customer wishes, we will recommend better service solutions for customers.

Eelink's Mission

1.To provide the best devices for customer

2.To promote the development of science and technology and serve the better life of hunman

3.Establish a safer environment through our devices

Eelink's Services

OEM/ODM Design
Functions Design For GPS Tracker
Wholesale GPS tracker
White Label GPS tracker

Unlimited Technical Support

We are committed to providing the best service,the best devices to our clients. Customers will always find the suitable devices for their solution here ! 

We are ready to help you!Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The culture of Eelink

The culture of Eelink

Eelink Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with reliable and high quality products and perfect service experience.
At the same time, we continuously improve the company's technology development strength and improve product performance.

We have advanced management concepts and form the company's unique culture:

1. Customer first, service first.

We focus on customer needs and strive to develop products that satisfy our customers.
We strictly demand ourselves and tell ourselves that we are responsible for our customers and our products.

2. Integrity management, quality first

In order to control the quality of our products, we have developed a rigorous production process and manufacturing specifications to bring high quality and quality products to our customers.

3. Technological innovation, people-oriented, sustainable development

With the development of information technology quickly, we need to improve our own technology ability,fully carry forward the people-oriented concept, advocate environmental protection, and achieve sustainable development of the industry.

The main device Eelink sell

GPS tracker for trailer,equipment,vehicle

Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers: GPRS+GPS, GPRS+WCDMA+GPS, GPRS+LTE CAT M1+GPS, GPRS+BEIDOU, GPRS+WCDMA+BEIDOU, vehicle OBD tracker, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity Portable intelligent terminal device, Bluetooth Beacon terminal.

We offer multiple vehicle tracking device and complete tracking solutions including:

1)Fleet tracking device
2)4G LTE Cat M1, NB-IOT tracking devices
3)OBD Tracking devices
4)Asset tracking devices
5)GPS tracker for truck/triler
6)Magnetic tracking devices

7)Individual vehicle tracking device

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