4G GPS Tracker

In the event that you are searching for the best 4G GPS trackers in the market, you are at the correct spot! 

Eelink committed to developing the best and most cutting-edge GPS Tracking Device to customer all around the world.

When many companies are selling 2G/3G GPS Tracking Device, Eelink has launched the latest 4G GPS Tracking Device, which shows the strength of the Eelink team.

4G GPS Tracking Devicewill become the mainstream product in the future market in the field of GPS device.

Why you need 4G GPS Tracking Device

1. Better performance, faster data transfer speed.

At present, with the advancement of the Internet of Things era, countries gradually phase out backward network facilities, 2G networks are basically eliminated, and 4G networks have covered most countries. The 4G GPS Tracking Device has better performance and faster data transfer speed than 2G/3G products.

2. Cache More historical datas 

4G GPS Tracking Device can cache more data for up to 60 days. You can quickly browse your driving history track. This can help you regulate driving behavior and make Driver safety

3.Real-time tracking to improve fleet management efficiency

4G GPS Tracking Device is a good Fleet management solution. Real-time tracking fleet will be simple to connect to our devices via PC, mobile software.

Our devices are ideal solution for fleet management systems. You can install our 4G GPS trackers on multiple vehicle or trucks. Once activated, you can view all the historical driving track data on APP interface.4G GPS Tracking Device can help you better manage fleet effectively in some spots including Driver safety,Driver retention Fleet tracking in real-time,etc.

Benefits of Eelink 4G GPS Tracking Device

1.Compact and Lightweight design

The Eelink 4G GPS Tracking Device is designed by a professional hardware team with Compact and Lightweight features.It's easy to install the devices in our vehicle. Our 4G GPS Tracking Device can be easily hidden and not easily found.

We have an expertise in making plug and play tracking devices for our customers. Our devices can help you track real-time location, temperature as well as the driving behaviour events on the vehicle. The compact form factor allows you to install the device and forget all about it. The device will directly derive power from your car’s battery. These compact and lightweight 4G GPS tracking devices are perfect for cars and motorbikes alike. They can also serve the purpose of an anti-theft device for your vehicle.

2. Suitable for many fields

4G GPS tracker can be used in a wide range of areas, including Fleet management, supply chain management, asset management, etc.

Application of 4G GPS tracker

3.Function can be customized

We can customize some functions based on customer's needs.

For example,when you need to track your vehicle in real-time,the function of Real-time Tracking is essential.

The overspeed alert is benefit for safety.There is many functions you can customize like,Geo-fence alert,ACC Detection,sos alert,ibutton,etc.

The Tk419 is the best 4G gps tracker product we have developed, covering all of these features above.

4.Good stability

You will find that you never lose your connection.Our 4G LTE GPS trackers can receive GPS signals very quickly, and your tracking target will be displayed in the APP associate with device,which to control location information in real time.Generally, Our 4G LTE GPS trackers maintain long-term operation and ensure the stability of the device. But, long working mode requires more power.

Why choose Eelink as your 4G gps tracker manufacturer

1 Bulk Orders our 4G gps tracker is OK

We have the ability to mass produce 4G GPS trackers, and once bulk orders our 4g gps tracker, we can deliver it in time to make you relaxed.Our huge factory allows us to manufacture 4G GPS tracking devices quickly. 

It is our core advantage.This makes us the primary choice of various automobile manufacturers in the world. With affordable pricing, accurate data and top-of-the-line devices, placing a bulk order with us, actually makes a lot of sense.

2.High quality and affordable price

Our price will make you satisfied, we will not make any inferior products

3.Support 4G GPS trackers OEM/ODM

If you want to sell your own brand of 4G LTE GPS trackers,but no good manufacturer, It is good chiose to choose Eelink ,as  your 4G LTE GPS trackers OEM/ODM servicer.

More detais about Eelink OEM/ODM service

4. 5 Star after-sales service and technical support

Having any problems about our products,and We are here 24/7 to help.
Our servicer and Technical team are always available to help you.We also offer 1 Year Quality Warranty

5.Friendly to our suppliers,distributors

We will try our best to help our 4G GPS tracking devices suppliers,distributors improve competitiveness and expand their business well.

About Eelink Communication Technology Limited

Eelink is a brand 4G GPS tracker manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler. Eelink can provide you with a high quality one-stop positioning solution.

We have  tracking platform and perfect technical service support.4G gps tracker is the main tracker product of Eelink communication technology, with multi-function and high quality.

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