4G GPS Tracker

Eelink 4G GPS Tracker Support 4G,3G,2G Network , In Stock! 

Many hardware manufacturers maybe unable to operate due to the effects of the coronavirus now, which has caused the tracking devices to be seriously out of stock. Eelink has made best try to ensure the normal supply of devices required by customers, and today the devices can basically meet customer needs. We have 4G GPS tracker are available in stock now.

The 4G GPS Tracker is designed and manufactured by EeLink to offer updated and real time location tracking abilities. It is the one of the best 4G tracking devices to spy on the security of vehicle in real time. It is easy to keep eyes on your driver too.What‘s more,the 4G device can support fallback to 3G,2G.So it is also the 3g 4g GPS tracker.

Eelink 4G tracking devices can fully supports 4G networks, not gimmicks.

Is the communication module used by 4G GPS tracking device certified ?

Yes, the equipment parts we use are carefully selected by us, and the communication module  has a certificate

Is eelink 4G series GPS tracker suitable for tracking my car?

Of course, this device is perfect for tracking your fleet or personal vehicle, which has all the features of a car tracking device like sos,geo-fence alert.

How about your 4G GPS tracking device price 

Because we are the manufacturer of tracking devices, our devices will be sold at the lowest price and guaranteed quality. Eelink 4G GPS tracker is much lower than Amcrest tracking device and the device on Amazon.The price range betwwen 50-70$

Will the 4G GPS tracker work on a 3G network

Yes,Our 4G device support all network type include 2G/3G/4G.Eventhough there is no 4G network in your area,you can use the devices. 

What does the monthly service cost for 4G devices ?

You will never pay the  monthly service cost for eelink devices.Once you buy our devices, it will be a one-time price with no monthly fees.

Is there a limitation for this tracker?

You can track your subject at any place where there is cellular network. The GPS trackers are not limited by range like some Bluetooth tracking products. GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network. Our trackers work anywhere and anytime ,just the place there is 4G,3G or 2G cellular service.

What 4G tracking devices has your company produced so far?

We have R&D Multiple 4G GPS tracker model,like TK419 series,GPT49,etc. All devices achieved mass production.you dont need to worry about the inventory. You can choose the suitable 4G tracking devices according to specific needs.

Note: Our tracking devices do not support retail currently. we only provide serve  with devices suppliers, traders, and platform companies.

How to install 4g gps tracker on your vehicle

Depends on the type of GPS tracker you purchased. If you bought Wired 4G GPS tracker, we will arrange technical engineer to guide how to install.

If you bought 4G OBD tracker, your vehicle will must have an OBD port. 4G magnetic gps tracker can be installed in the place where you want to put, but the hidden place is good.

I have a 2G GPS tracker and how can i get it to work on 4g ?

When you have a 2G GPS tracker,you can not change it,the only way you can to is buy new GPS tracker. But when you have a 4G devices,the device support fallbaking to 2G.

If you are finding the device supplier to start your business for 4G tracking device, Eelink will be your good chiose.4G GPS Tracker will become the more people's chiose in 2020. The Shipment of 4G Tracking device will reach 1 million units.

As the top tracking device company and fleet tracking solution provider,We Committed to provide the high quality vehicle Tracking Device for your fleet solution or business .Welcome to test our 4G GPS tracker and became Eelink's the best competitive tracking devices dealer. 

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