Temperature Tracker
Temperature Tracker means that the device have a good function of Temperature monitor.

Temperature Tracker has a variety of features. It is  the most competitive product on the GPS tracking devices market currently.

The GPS temperature tracker has a samll and conpact design,manufactured by Eelink. It equip with a high accuracy sensor, and supports BLE 5.0.

The device is extremely sensitive to temperature and we can easily obtain temperature information by installing the device around the items we neet to monitor.

More importantly, to meet customer's needs,customers can customize other functions base on the existing functions of the temperature tracker.

We have developed a temperature tracker APP to make the data visiblity.

The Eelink Temperature Tracker have smart monitor system sends alerts to your phone or email the instant an important change in temperature or humidity is triggered. You set the trigger points and alerts.

the application of temperature tracker


1.highly accuracy temperature sensor
2.IP67 waterprooof& dustproof
3.Long standby.Batteries will last approximately 3+ Years
4.Cellphone connection
5.Local data cache,Data-Logger
6.Support bluetooth 5.0
7.24/7 Monitoring & Alerts
8.Historical temperature data query
9.Support temperature tracking APP
10.No Fees or Subscriptions


1.Food and Medicine Keeping
2.Cold chains
3.Logistics management
4.Supply chain
5.Temperature IOT
6.Enterprise assets
7.Warehouses management
8.Fridges & Freezers
9.Wine Cellars
10.Hotels / Apartments
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