Temperature Tracker

What is the temperature tracker

Temperature tracker is the Temperature Data Loggers and Recorders,also called temperature monitor,which can detect and collect the temperature data and then sends the information to the phone via a software server.It is a wireless temperature tracking device with built-in battery.By installing temperature tracker,we can achieve the goal of remote temperature monitor.

Why need Temperature Tracker

This is good question.We can use Temperature tracker/monitor in many fields,for example,Cold Chain,Food safety,Shipping And Transportation.

Let's get a example that the Temperature tracker/monitor application in Food safety.

We all know the importance to make the food fresh during transportation.because those food are very sensitive to temperature。They need a suitable temp environment,The higher temperature or lower temperature will make food spoilage.

How can we know the temperature is too high or low ? How we can know the temperature real-time. It is necessary to detect the temperature all the time.So the Temperature tracker/monitor is a good solution,which not only save more costs for your company,but also make work convenience and efficiency.

But,if we want to make the work of tracking temperature better,the temperature Tracker is not enough,we need a complete temperature monitoring systerm.

What is temperature monitoring system?

Temperature monitoring system is a complete temperature data records,lohgging detection, cache display solution,which consists of temperature tracking device, temperature monitor app and temperature data server.By temperature monitoring system,we can clearly see the temperature data in temperature monitor app.Temperature data will be presented as a curve.

The application of temperature tracker

1.Food and Medicine Keeping
2.Cold chains 
3.Logistics management
4.Supply chain transportion
5.Temperature IOT
6.Museum And Art Preservation
7.Warehouses monitoring
8.Fridges & Freezers
9.Wine Cellars

10.Hotels / Apartments

11.Shipping And Transportation 

Temperature Tracker also is ideal solution for Cold Chain temperature Monitoring

Once installed the Temperature Tracker for your Cold chain transporter,you can achieve the goal of monitoring Temperature in real-time.

Generally speaking,All Temperature Tracker has built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor that logged temperature history data. Then, the information cached by the Temperature Tracker is transmitted to the software APP or server. Finally, we can view the temperature data and temperature changes in real time through the mobile phone and the computer.

Temperature Tracker also has an alert units. When the temperature of the cold chain car exceeds the safe temperature we set up, we can receive an text alert on our phone, which make us take action in time .

In the current market, installing the Temperature Tracker for vehicles is the best Cold Chain Monitoring solution. Because the solution have more benefits such lower cost,high efficiency,Simpler operation.

Cold Chain Monitoring solution

Introduce to Eelink's Temperature Tracker

Eelink's Temperature Tracker have a good function to collect the temperature data,even the humidity data,which has a variety of features including the alert,data cache,etc. It is the most competitive product on the tracking devices market currently.It can collect the temperature/humidity data to real-time monitor the change of temp.So we can say that temperature tracker from Eelink is a humidity tracker

The temperature tracker has a samll and conpact design. It equip with a high accuracy sensor and BLE 5.0 beacon technology.

The device is extremely sensitive to temperature and we can easily obtain temperature information by installing the device around the items we neet to monitor.

More importantly,customers can customize other functions base on the existing functions of the temperature tracker.

The Eelink Temperature Tracker have smart monitor system sends alerts to your phone or email the instant an important change in temperature or humidity is triggered. You set the trigger points and alerts anytime.

The function of temperature tracker from Eelink

1.Monitoring the temp&humidity 
2.Location tracking indoor
3.Track Temperature History
4.Work with independent APP
5.Receive real time alerts/notifications 
6.Various automated reports for easy monitoring
7.Track shipment location and transport stages
8.Predictive, descriptive and real time analytics

the application of temperature tracker

The benefits of temperature tracker from Eelink

1.highly accuracy temperature sensor
2.IP67 waterprooof& dustproof
3.Long standby.Batteries will last approximately 3+ Years
4.Cellphone connection
5.Local data cache,Data-Logger
6.Support bluetooth 5.0
7.24/7 Monitoring & Alerts
8.Historical temperature data query
9.Support temperature tracking APP

10.No Fees or Subscriptions


1. Does Eelink have temperature tracker/monitor app?

Yes, Eelink has developed the temperature tracker/monitor app, you don't need to buy a third-party app.

2.How to install the temperature tracker

It is easy to use this device. you just only install it at the place where want to tracke.

Due to the small size of the temperature tracker from Eelink, we can use the post-it to install the device.

Then you must download the software beacon app for this device, and you can view the data that the device collected.

3.How to buy the Eelink's temperature tracker

Currently we don't support ordering online, so you need to contact us for details.

Contact us for more details 

4..Temperature tracker price 

It depends on the number of purchases and if you have a need for customize, the more you buy, the lower temperature tracker .

Usually the temperature tracker‘s price range is 17$-50$.Eelink Company support Customers Wholesale Temperature tracker.
If you are our dealer, you will get more discounts.


We should note that the temperature tracker mentioned in the article cannot detect the body temperature, CPU temperature or outdoor temperature.

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