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Eelink History

Eelink Communication Technology Limited was incorporated in 2004 with a vision to develop and distribute GPS tracking devices and software tracking solutions that utilize existing IOT Technology to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers as well as consumers.We are committed to supply for the best GPS tracking devices for customers around the world.

In August 2004, Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.

In July 2005, on the SkyWorks platform, with the rich development experience of mobile phones , the first mobile phone solution S661 has been released after great efforts by R&D and testers for several months. The software and hardware for S661 has complete independent intellectual property rights which belongs to EELINK. It has passed the CTA network certification of the Ministry of Industry. It is adopted by a certain customer and achieved mass production.
In 2006, EELINK developed a large number of outstanding products with advanced technology on the SkyWorks platform, and the shipments for these products also increased steadily, such as music phone S300 (shipment 200K), MP3/MP4 mobile phone solution S302, camera mobile phone solution S332 ( Shipment 300K), the above models have passed the CTA network certification of the Ministry of Information Industry. These products have won the recognition and favor of customers with perfect design.
In December 2006, EELINK was authorized by MTK. EELINK develop the technology-leading MP3, MP4, ultra-thin mobile phone solutions M3000 in the domestic market. It passed the CTA network certification of the Ministry of Information Industry and achieved massive production.

In April 2007, on the MTK platform, the company developed the leading technology MP3, MP4, camera, Bluetooth etc functions and the long standby mobile phone solution M3168 in the domestic market, passed the CTA network certification of the Ministry of Information Industry ,and achieve mass production, exported to Europe .

In 2008, the company's transformation to GPS TRACKER, due to the deep accumulation of technology, rapid technical breakthroughs, as an expert in this field, the high performance and stability of the product have exceeded the user's needs, company's TRACKER adoptted MTK solution after that. 
From 2009 to 2011 , Eelink Communications has developed a large number of vehicle /personal positioning products, such as TK110, TK112, TK115 , TK116, K9 etc , the annual production capacity reach to millions of units, exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia.
In October 2012, customized the vehicle positioning products which passed the PTCRB and FCC certifications for North American customers , demonstrating our strong technical strength and getting the customer's affirmation and millions of orders.
In 2013, Eelink launched its own brand “Keelin”, which aims to make products that customers can attach and trust.
OBD II diagnostic tracker GOT10 and OBD interface tracker GOT08 were be launched to further expand the vehicle tracker product line.
In  2014, Eelink developed the GPS tracking service platform on WEB, and APP for Android & IOS,provide better services and create value for customers.
Temperature monitoring locator TK108 was customized for a North American customer, with an annual production capacity of 400,000 units.
In Nov 2015, cooperated with Shenzhen GooMe and Shanghai Shiyi, with an annual sales of 200,000 units. developed GPT09, a five-year long standby GPS tracker.

In 2016, we released portable tracker K30 and watch tracker GPT18, both of them support WIFI positioning.

In 2017, we R&D two models of super long standby GPS trackers GPT26 and GPT12.

In 2017, we R&D 3g WCDMA series of products TK119-3G,GPT06-3G; temperature monitoring tracker GPT06-T.

In 2017, The new KEELIN positioning platform was developped,  It involved EELINK 2.0 protocol (UDP and TCP) .

In 2018, new luggage tracker GPT15,3G GPS Tracker TK319-H were developed and do mass production, and a plan of TK319-LTE (4G) was started.

In 2019, EELINK won the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise. Keelin-Beacon APP iOS and Android terminal was developed.

In 2019, EELINK made a breakthrough in product development and released a variety of high-performance 4G GPS trackers, marking a big step forward in the technology development, and the company's technical strength has strengthened once again.

In 2020, EELINK launched a large number of 4G GPS tracker, such as LTE Cat1 GPS tracker tk419 series, portable GPS tracker GPT49; LTE Cat M1 GPS tracker tk418 series, portable GPS GPT48, long standby GPS tracker GPT12-L, etc., which have been favored and recognized by new and old customers.

In 2021, the Beacon cloud platform WEB terminal and Beacon-Cloud APP iOS and Android terminal were developed and launched.

In 2022, COVID-19 epidemic affected the global economy, the company worked hard to improve product quality and customers service, ensuring that the company's sales revenue was not affected and achieved considerable results.

In 2023, in order to adapt the new needs of the market, EELINK put more efforts to research and develop new products, and launched a new generation of 4G GPS tracker TK419-3, GPT45 at end of the year.

In 2024, the EELINK shipment management platform was developed and launched for the quality control.

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