GPS accessories will help GPS tracking devices to be more widely used

EELINK GPS accessories can be used together with GPS tracker which can extend more functionalities and meet the different needs of customers.

GPS Relay--used with EELINK GPS tracker, you can remotely cut fuel /power off, which is widely used in vehicle anti-theft and vehicle remote management.
GPS SOS button--used with EELINK GPS tracker, you can send SOS alarm and report emergency to the server. Avoid vehicle theft and robbery; effectively protect the vehicle security, the safety of driver and passengers as well.
GPS external battery---used with EELINK GPS tracker, to increase the GPS tracker working time. Widely used in a large number of electric motorbikes or bicycles, and can also be used in some of the equipments without a power supply to ensure the safety of assets..
GPS temperature and humidity probe---used with EELINK GPS tracker, can realize cold chain transportation monitoring, accurate real-time feedback of the location of the goods, temperature, humidity and other important information, to ensure the quality and safety of the goods (food, fruits, medicines, etc.) during the transportation, completely monitoring the whole process.
GPS OBD cable---make it easier to connect GPS tracker to the vehicle via OBD port.It can meet some customers who do not want to connect wire devices to the vehicle, easy to install and dismantle.
IButton for GPS tracker---Ibutton information can be transmitted through EELINK GPS tracker, convenient for vehicle management and asset operator management, the implementation of identity authentication, to ensure each employee’s responsibility.
GPS Bluetooth accessory---It be especially worked with EELINK tracker to receive information. Flexible use of Bluetooth accessories, can be combined with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices to achieve a variety of functions. 
For example
1) mobile phone communicates with GPS trackers through Bluetooth in close area to achieve vehicles or assets controlling.
2) Operator's identity confirmation through personal information of the mobile phone.
3) Receiving information of temperature and humidity products (beacon), which will be sent to the cloud platform in real time through EELINK tracker,realize real-time monitoring and management of temperature and humidity.
Microphone for GPS tracker--- Remotely listening in and monitoring through GPS tracker device. Real-time monitoring.

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