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Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Advanced Remotely Temperature Monitoring Solutions

We provide you with a complete,one-stop temperature monitoring solution to achieve visualization of temperature data remotely. Help you check out temperature changes quickly and conveniently to achieve your goal.

Our remote temperature monitoring solution can be applied in many fields, such as monitoring warehouse cargo temperature , monitoring cold chain temperature , monitoring Refrigerated Containers temperature ,etc.

Remotely Monitor & Track The Temperature, Time And Location Of Refrigerated Containers & Cargo

Trusted by many supply chain company, Eelink avanced temperature beacon solution provides the perfect tools for shipping line, intermodal operators, cargo owners and other users to remotely track and monitor temperature of sensitive loads, such as refrigerated shipping containers and cargo, while ensuring product quality and food safety.

Using Eelink's 4G Tracking device GPT46 as a Bluetooth gateway, work with Eelink's temperature beacon device, you can not only track the temperature of the goods i but also the location of the goods.

Advanced Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Application Case

Warehouse temperature monitoring solution

The beacon device is deployed around the Warehouse cargo, and GPT46 is used as a Bluetooth gateway to achieve the goal of monitoring of temperature all the time .

You don't need to collect temperature data at close range,and the temperature beacon device can collect temperature data automatically  , and transmit the temperature data to the server through the Bluetooth gateway, you only need to use your mobile phone to remotely check the temperature data of the cargo.

A Bluetooth gateway can be used with up to 24 Eelink beacon devices.

Warehouse temperature monitoring solution

Cold chain temperature monitoring solution 

The cold chain temperature monitoring solution is to install our temperature beacon device in a suitable place in the cold chain car. Through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone or the Bluetooth gateway, you can master the temperature data in real time without open the box. Which ensures the accuracy and convenience of temperature monitoring. Customers can make better optimization decisions through statistical analysis of the temperature and humidity information.

Onced install  temperature beacon device for cold chain car, you can

1. View temperature and humidity data 

2. Temperature threshold setting, over temperature alarm

3. Historical temperature data query

4. Long standby time to reduce your operation

Cold chain temperature monitoring solution

We can do by temperature beacon APP 

1.View Temperature data in ℃ or ℉.
2.Set up time range to query the temperature data (no more than 8000 data).
3.Exported temperature data in PDF and EXCEL formats(graph of temperature versus time).
4.Synchronize temperature data.
5.Set up Broadcast/Collection/Storage interval
6.Set up Temperature threshold, Temperature alarm
7.Clear historical data.
8.Air upgrade 


Lower price,No data charges

Low investment and high return.Integrated high-sensitivity temperature sensor

Extremely Long standby life

Can transmit up to 8,000 messages.1350mAh Lithium manganese battery,up to 5 years life 


Sends immediate alerts on temperature changes when Out of setting range

Easy to install And OTA upgrade

Easily installation/ Upgrade OTA or Configuration by sending SMS commands.

IP67 Waterproof Enclosure

Packaged in an IP67 waterproof enclosure with integrated high accuracy temperature sensors

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