GPS Tracking App

When you buy a good quality GPS tracking device,it is essential to possess a good tracking software to manage,and help you get a good view for the information collected by the device.

In particular, when you need to manage fleet, a good software will improve your management efficiency and make the drivers work well.

What can we do with GPS Tracking software?

We can gain a large of information you want through the GPS Tracking software app: 

historical travel, fuel consumption, speeding, idling, engine working hours, mileage and more. 

Once installed, the system produces and record data that gives fleet operators insights into key driver activities such as vehicle idle times, fuel usage, driving behaviour, diagnostics, due maintenance .

Customers can achieve the tracking goal and view the information in real time by phone or computer.

Function of GPS tracking app:

Asset Tracking
Driver Management
Historical Reporting
Real Time Tracking
Status Tracking
Territory Management
Vehicle Tracking

Fleet manegement

Fuel Management

Incident Reporting

Inspection Management

Maintenance Management

Mileage Tracking

GPS tracking app for IOS

Eelink not only provides you with high-quality GPS tracking devices but also provides cutting edge logistics management and asset security hardware designed to help the growth companies and fleets of all sizes.

It is amazing to find such a good company in the world. Many companies often only offer a single service. Our goal is to bring a one-stop tracking solution for the enterprise and personal.

Eelink has developed GPS Tracking App for iOS and Android. We have the best software technical team to develop the GPS tracking APP.You don't worry about no one solve something while there is a problem with the tracking device.

The Eelink GPS tracking APP was developed independently for the gps tracking devices we built. Our devices will work well on the platform.

Benefits of GPS tracking APP

1.Real-time observe the position of your device,

2.Remotely manage the vehicle engine system .

3.Esay to use

4.Good user experience on the interface

5.Historical information playback.

By Eelink GPS Tracking App, we can real-time have a sight the position information, even remotely manage the vehicle engine system. Then we can keep track of our driving behavior and regulate.

It also provides historical information data and position track playback. For vehicles with OBD function, you can view the fault diagnosis information and receive the danger alert.

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