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Free GPS Tracking APP To view the Report data

GPS Tracking APP is an important part of GPS tracking system. After you buy GPS devices, You can use it for free. Then you need to install GPS Tracking APP software on your phone, only do that, you can view the location data of object that you want to track.

Whether you want to track your car or protect from your child, or locate your friend’s location to meet up.GPS tracking apps with device can help you achieve your goal.By the APP,You will have a good insight for the data device collected.

How work the GPS tracking APP

Generally speaking, the function of GPS tracking APP is to display the data collected by the hardware device through a Curve, text insight. Therefore, when you download a free GPS tracking APP, you need to obtain the permission to call the device data and add the device to the software's hardware. List.

Eelink can provide the free GPS tracking APP ?

When you bought GPS tracker from Eelink. You can download Eelink's Apps on Google Play and APPstore.Please search of  keelin APP,you can find it. The software is quite user-friendly and you don’t need to waste time to understand how to use them. They are very easy to use.

Learn more Eelink GPS tracking software,you can see : GPS Tracking platform and software APP

By Eelink GPS tracking App,you will have a good insight for the location of the object you track.

When do you need tracking APP software

GPS Tracking APP can be used in multiple scenarios, especially when you need to manage employees with high efficiency as a fleet manager.

The GPS tracking App can help you in the field as below:

Asset Tracking

Fleet manegement
Focus on the safety of your family


GPS tracking app for IOS

Features of GPS tracking APP from Eelink

1.Real-time observe the position of your device,

2.Remotely manage the vehicle engine system .

3.Esay to use

4.Good user experience on the interface

5.Historical information playback.

By Eelink GPS Tracking App, we can have a good sight to know the position anytime and anywhere, even remotely shut off the vehicle engine system. And we can keep track of our driving behavior easily.

It also provides historical information data and position track playback. For vehicles with OBD function, you can view the fault diagnosis information and receive the danger alert.

The functions of GPS tracking APP

Its main function is that you can view rich data on your phone about tracking objects, such as driving history, parking location, driving time, and device battery status.

Eelink not only provides you with high-quality GPS tracking devices but also provides the best saftware and tracking platform to help the growth companies and fleets of all sizes.We supply for a one-stop tracking solution for the enterprise and personal..

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