NB-iOT Devices

What is the NarrowBand-Internet of Things(NB-IoT)

NB-IoT was first introduced as LTE Cat NB1 in the 3GPP Release 13 standard in 2016 that also defined (LTE Cat M1) - both are LPWA(low-power wide-area)technologies in the licensed spectrum.

More details about LTE Cat M1. 

NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology that works virtually anywhere and developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. 

It is a cellular technology specializing in communication between “things” that require more less data, over long periods,  the places that hard to reach.

NB-IoT grately improves the power consumption of user devices, system capacity and spectrum efficiency, especially in-depth coverage. The devices connected with NB-IoT can surpport Battery life of more than ten years.

The benefits of NB-IOT

Why NB-IoT become the foucs of many devices manufacturers

NB-IoT can connect more devices  up to 50,000 per NB-IoT network cell to the Internet of Things and make many new applications a reality.

Since it operates in licensed spectrum, it is secure and reliable, providing guaranteed quality of service.

New physical layer signals and channels are designed to meet the demanding requirement of extended coverage.

It can Supported by all major mobile equipment, chipset and module manufacturers, NB-IoT can co-exist with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks. It also benefits from all the security and privacy features of mobile networks, such as support for user identity confidentiality, entity authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and mobile equipment identification.

The important spots is that Initial cost of the NB-IoT modules is expected to be comparable to GSM/GPRS. The underlying technology is much simpler than today’s GSM/GPRS and its cost is expected to decrease rapidly as demand increases.More devices can be connected but lower power consumption,NB-IoT become the hot to invest.

It is precisely because of the many benefits of NB-IoT that it has been widely used in the field of GPS tracking devices.

We all know that GPS tracking devices need to transmits data, hower due to the limitations of 2G/3G/4G network coverage range, lead to devices can not work. The embedded NB-IoT module can well extend the network coverage of the device and ensure the stable operation of the device.

Futhermore, GPS tracking devices Work requires a lot of power. Before the NB-IoT appeared, the standby time of the device became a headache for the manufacturer.They often have more problems because the equipment is not charged in time.

Due to the lower power consumption of the NB-IoT device, the long standby of the device is guaranteed, and even the standby time of the device reaches ten years.

GPS tracking devices incorporating NB-IoT technology has more benefits including Lower component cost, Faster to Transfer data and Excellent extended range.NB-IoT technology can not only be used in GPS tracking devices,but also more.

The key applications of NB-IoT devices

The key applications of NB-IoT devices

Smart metering

NB-IoT is well suited for monitoring gas and water meters via regular and small data transmissions. 

Smart cities

NB-IoT can help local government control street lighting

Smart buildings

NB-IoT connected sensors can send alerts about building maintenance issues and perform automated tasks, such as light and heat control.


Today GPS TRACKING DEVICES has become an important branch of NB-IOT devices.

NB-IoT provides a secure, low cost way to track assets,fleet whenever continuous tracking is not required. It is ideal to track objects that may not be moving all the time or where the long range and low power consumption of NB-IoT are of specific benefit.

Eelink have manufactured several NB-iot GPS tracking devices.

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