NB-IoT Devices

The top NB-IoT tracking device manufacturer in China

Eelink Communication Technology is the top NB-IoT  tracking device manufacturer in China. We have a large number of inventory for tracking device.

Before ordering NB-iOT Devices, you should know whether your area supports NB-IoT tracking only can work at the country that has deployed the NB IoT network.

How many countries support NB-iOT Devices and deployed the NB IoT network ?

Untill March 2019,GSA had identified,141 operators in 69 countries investing in NB-IoT networks; 90 of those operators in 51 countries had deployed/launched their networks;29 countries are home to deployed/launched NB-IoT networks only.

Do Eelink's NB-iOT Devices promise the quality ?

All tracking devices are certified by professional companies and obtained relevant certificates. We are responsible for the quality of our tracking devices.

How to order Eelink's NB-iOT Devices ?

You can order samples online,and when want to bulk purchase,wholesale devices or customize the devices ,you can contact us.

Can i become your NB-iOT Devices distributor ?

Yes,We are pleasured to invite you to join the network of eelink's distributor.we will provide one-stop service and technical support with you.

Is the NB IoT part of 5G network ?

Yes,NB-IoT and LTE-M  have became the parts of 5G network.The 3GPP has indicated LTE-M and NB-IoT will be part of 5G and are the only 5G technology to support 5G LPWA use cases in the foreseeable future.

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