Personal GPS Tracker

"personal gps locator" is a senior gps tracker for personal use, and is also suitable for positioning monitoring of vehicles, valuables, and pets. It has the characteristics of small size, fashionable appearance, durability and high positioning accuracy. Personal tracker gps is based on GPS satellite positioning system, automatically obtains GPS information and other data information, and feeds these data back to users through mobile phone text messages, and users can locate or monitor remote targets through maps.

It can also transmit data to the monitoring center or the user's computer through the built-in GPRS function to achieve real-time tracking, track playback and other functions. gps personal tracker is compatible with various monitoring software.

gps personal tracker function

1. Positioning monitoring function: On a global scale, real-time continuous monitoring of the target, to achieve 24-hour positioning monitoring, positioning accuracy within 5 meters. 2. Electronic fence function: After setting the forbidden area, when the target goes out or enters the forbidden area, the positioning terminal will alarm to the preset authorization number or to the monitoring center, and return the target's latitude, longitude, speed and other data to the control center.

3. Emergency alarm function: When encountering an emergency, you can send a distress signal to the preset authorized number or monitoring center through the emergency distress button, and return the target positioning data.

4. Overspeed alarm function: After setting the speed limit for the tracker, the tracker will automatically alarm to the pre-set authorized number or monitoring center and return the target position, speed and other information when overspeeding.

5. Mobile alarm function: After the tracker is set to the state of mobile alarm, when the moving range exceeds 200 meters (can be set), the tracker will automatically alarm to the pre-set authorized number or monitoring center and return the target position, speed, etc.

6. Low-power alarm function: When the tracker is low-power, it will automatically alarm to the pre-set authorization number or monitoring center and upload location data.

7. Two-way call function: The tracker has built-in microphone and speaker, which can realize hands-free call with authorized number or monitoring center.

8. Automatically save the latitude and longitude coordinates When the locator enters an area without GPS signal, it will automatically send the latitude and longitude coordinates of the last signal to the authorized number A1.

Scope of gps personal tracker

1. Personal safety guards (such as: children, the elderly, the disabled, field workers, business people's safety, etc.)

2. Special anti-theft systems for car rental companies and outdoor machinery and equipment

3. Command and dispatch system for vehicles in various industries

4. Criminal reconnaissance covert tracking, traffic management and other government departments vehicle dispatching system

5. Real-time tracking information of orders for logistics, postal services, etc.

6. Command dispatch and real-time tracking of automobiles, railways, ships, etc.

7. When entering and exiting the blind spot, there will be information to remind the location automatically

8. Car anti-theft tracking, speeding alarm, pet monitoring

9. Real-time two-way call, three phone numbers for two-way call can be set

10, gps personal tracker can set overspeed alarm, automatic interval tracking, low battery alarm, shutdown alarm, out of range alarm

The main purpose of personal gps locator

1. Real-time tracking 2. Remote positioning 3. Chinese SMS address 4. Track playback of driving route Cross-boundary entry alarm 11. Mileage query

senior gps tracker also supports various positioning platforms. Small size, integrated design (built-in antenna and battery,), easy to hide, easy to carry, easy to operate. Cost-effectiveness is strong, and it has a wide range of applications.

personal gps locator features

The senior gps tracker uses GPS personal positioning, and the accuracy is much higher than that of GSM positioning. Support base station assisted positioning, and can provide location information without GPS signal indoors. Low power consumption, with smart sensors for power saving, and power saving mode controlled by SMS. Fast signal receiving speed Support timing continuous tracking function Support specified range alarm support alarm and long-distance monitoring Support 2-button speed dial function The position of the object (simple system message) The SOS button sends out an emergency distress signal and sends the exact location to the distress center Supports overspeed SMS alarm function Built-in microphone, personal gps locator supports call function GPRS, SMS dual channel. Built-in GPS panel active antenna, GSMFPC antenna. Replaceable rechargeable battery for easy charging and replacement. The senior gps tracker is small and exquisite, suitable for carrying and hiding.

personal tracker gps operation instructions

Open the box

Check whether the model of the terminal is consistent with the shell mark, and whether the accessories are complete, otherwise, please contact your dealer.

battery charging

Before you use the personal tracker, you must make the battery fully charged for at least 2 hours, the charging status indicator: the green light is always on, indicating that it is in the charging state; the light is off when fully charged

SIM card selection

The tracker needs to be inserted into a GSM SIM card, the SIM card selection should first consult the dealer's opinion, and then buy it, so as to ensure the normal use of your terminal.

SIM card installation

First open the back cover of the terminal, remove the battery, put the metal side of the SIM card down, insert the SIM card slot after the notch is aligned (be careful not to install the SIM card backwards), then install the battery and snap back the back cover.

personal tracker gps working mode

normal mode

When the terminal is working, it sends data to the server according to the set interval, and uses GPS positioning. When there is no movement for more than 5 minutes, the system automatically turns off the GPS power supply, and turns off the GPRS communication. The system enters the low power consumption mode, and the GPRS communication restarts when the terminal moves. On, the GPS power is turned on to relocate.

car mode

When the terminal is working, it sends data to the server at set intervals, GPS is always on, and GPRS is always online. This mode is suitable for vehicle positioning and tracking. If it is used for a long time, it is recommended to use it with a vehicle charger.

base station mode

This mode is used when the positioning accuracy is not high, the power of the GPS module is turned off, and only the base station information is used for positioning, and the power consumption is the lowest in this working mode.

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