Personal GPS Tracker
Personal gps tracker is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the GPS to determine and track its real-time Positioning.

Personal GPS Tracker can transmit positioning information to your Smartphone or computer. We need a sim card, the Personal GPS Tracker will work.

Why we need a Personal GPS Tracker

The main target audience for Personal GPS Tracker is usually the elderly, children. They should get more attentions. 

For example, we often see that elderly getting lost in the street and the place where they travel. At this time, we can quickly find out his real-time location through Personal GPS Tracker, so we don't have to worry about the loss of the elderly.

Your child also needs a Personal GPS Tracker.When children are out of school, we can't always pay attention to what happened on their way home. 

We can't know if they have arrived home, if they have a special situation, then we can use Personal GPS Tracker to observe their positioning information. They can also be alerted via the Personal GPS Tracker even when there is a danger.

Features of Eelink Personal GPS Tracker

Easy to carry, small compact size
Long standby time
Support for two-way conversation
One-click SOS
Good waterproof performance

Eelink is a brand original Personal GPS Tracker manufacturer, we offer OEM/OEM and customize services for our GPS Tracker distributor.At the same time, we provide retail services to individual consumers, and we will supply high quality gps tracker to our customers with a lower prices.
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