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M2M LTE CAT M/ NB-iot long life battery tracker for Vehicle/Asset Tracking
M2M LTE CAT M/ NB-iot long life battery tracker for Vehicle/Asset Tracking M2M LTE CAT M/ NB-iot long life battery tracker for Vehicle/Asset Tracking M2M LTE CAT M/ NB-iot long life battery tracker for Vehicle/Asset Tracking
  • M2M LTE CAT M/ NB-iot long life battery tracker for Vehicle/Asset Tracking

  • Dimensions: 96(L)x50(W)x11.2(H)mm
    Manufacturer: Eelink
    Color: Gray

    GPT12-L is an NB-IOT/LTE-CAT M1 asset tracking Device which is dual LTE platform (NB-IOT/LTE-M) supporting long term, remote deployments without replace the battery. What's more, GPT12-L is very Easy to carry and easy to install, which can avoid more installation trouble than other tracking devices.

    GPT12-L integrated a precision algorithm to charge and maximize the operating life of the Lithium Manganese Battery.

    GPT12-L can be used not only for asset tracking, but also for vehicle tracking. The biggest advantage of GPT12-L is that it can accurately provide location data for longer periods. It has a standby time of up to three years. If you only need to know your vehicle and asset location once or twice a day and don't want to charge the device frequently, then the NB-IOT device will be your good chiose.

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    If you are looking for the long life battery tracking devices with IoT network, and you have a requirement for the device with long standby properties, it is a good choice to buy NB-IOT devices GPT12-L.

    NB-IOT deviceshas many advantages,learn more about NB-IOT devices from Eelink. 

    The new model GPT12-L is the result of building on live LTE CAT M1/NB-iot GPS tracking and connectivity. It provides a unique combination of enhanced coverage and long battery life, as well as reliable connectivity.

    With a smart and thin design, GPT12-L is ideal for fleet management and Asset management, also can be used for many areas, such as car rental, mortgage, asset protection, M2M communication, automatic solutions for supply chain etc.

    We will learn more about the features, applications and related parameters of GPT12-L.


    Vehicle/fleet Tracking

    Asset Tracking 

    Insurance Company

    Financial Companies

    Car Rental

    Car Dealers


    Other service

    GPS tracker OEM/ODM



    Q:Positioned by GPS / LBS ?
    A:GPS called“Global Positioning System”,GPS device can be positioned by GPS
     satellite outdoor. Device also can be positioned by base stations of operator
     which call LBS ,mainly for assistance positioning.
    Q:Location is not accurate?
    A:If need accurate positioning, use device outdoor where GPS signal is good and
     start GPS tracking mode.
     Device indoor mainly positioned by LBS, the accuracy lower than GPS
    Q:Standby time can be longer?
    A:Device need Internet connection. Standby time will be different by different using environment and working mode.

    Q:Device offline?
    A:The conditions below results in offline.
     ① No balance or No SIM ② No GSM or GSM signal is weak ③ Battery runs out

    Other question to contact us

    The Features of GPT12-L

    Globally support various satellite positioning systems,cover all countries
    2.Long Standby Mode
    Default mode,work 3 mins per day
    3.Emergency Mode
    Start a period of real-time tracking
    4.Flexible Solutions
    Set the sleep/wake up time based on demand
    5.Lithium Manganese Battery
    Low self-discharge, longer standby time
    More supported network in global
    7.Smart & Thin
    Easy to install and hidden in anywhere
    8.GEO-Fence Alarm
    Out of the set distance range, alert will be send
    9.Remote Setting
    Setting command Through server, App, SMS
    10.Support Eelink Protocol 2.0
    Open protocol.Customers can dock our protocol

    Specifications of GPT12-L

    Switch:1 For Power on
    Battery:4500 mAh
    Working Mode:Standby (Working 3 minutes per day, sleep in other time)
    Emergency (Real-time tracking for 48 hours then sleep)
    Current:LTE Cat M1(LTE-M) 124~265mA / NB-IOT(NB1) 65mA~78mA (Wake up); 10uA (Sleep)
    GPS Band:1575MHz
    GSM Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
    LTE-M/NB-IOT:LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28
                  LTE TDD: B39(For LTE-M only)
    Antenna:Built-in GSM/LTE-M/NB-IOT antenna, FPC GPS antenna
    GPS Accuracy:5-15m (Depend GPS Signal)
    LBS Accuracy:>200m (Depend Density of Base Stations)
    GPRS:<3s, <15s, <60s
    Hot/ware/cold fix time:<3s, <15s, <60s

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