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Real-time cheap gps car tracker for your fleet with no monthly fee

Personal vehicle tracking devices can help you better manage your fleet. Helps you better optimize fleet management based on collected driving data. Personal vehicle tracking devices have become the standard for fleet management companies and vehicle rental companies.

After installing portable gps tracker for car for your car, you can observe vehicle behavior in real time, such as driving track, mileage data, etc. Besides, when you buy portable gps tracker for car from Eelink, it will save you a lot of money.

where to use GPS CAR TRACKER

Because you don't need to pay any hidden vehicle location tracker fee, monthly fee.

The complete type of gps tracking devices for vehicles we can offer

We can produce a full range of gps tracking devices for vehicles. Customers can choose the appropriate car location tracker device according to their needs, we will provide vehicle tracker gps solutions to make you satisfied! We provide many gps devices for vehicles, including:

We can manufacture complete types of GPS Car Trackers.Customers can choose the suitable GPS car tracking devices based on their needs,and we will provide the GPS tracking solution for car to make you satify! There is many GPS Car tracker we supply include:

1.Built-in battery GPS Trackers for car(rechargeable)

Its main advantage is that it is easy to install ,and the design size is small and compact. What is more,the standby time is up to 1-3 years,which saves your time.

If you want to track your car once or twice a day, then Battery-Operated GPS Trackers is your good choice.

2.OBD GPS trackers(wireless GPS Tracker for car)

OBD GPS trackers plug into the OBD port of a light or medium duty vehicle. The advantage is that you can install it quickly. You only need to plug it into the car OBD interface, it will work stably.

The disadvange is that it is easy to find and dismantle, if you don't care, OBD GPS trackers are a good choice for you.

3.Wiring GPS car tracker

Wiring-type GPS car tracker has a wider range of functions, and we can customize features including SOS alert,remotely cutting engine off.

Another advantage of the wired GPS car tracker is that it can get more information about the vehicle, which helps some fleet truck companies to manage the car well.

4.Magnetic GPS Tracker for car

How about the price of our car location tracker device

Generally speaking, if you purchase a car location tracker device, you will need to pay the following fees: hardware tracking device, tracking platform fees, SIM card fees and post-maintenance fees.

The price of GPS Car Tracker varies depending on the capabilities of the device. The more features, the more expensive the device. It is worth mentioning that you only need to pay a small fee to enjoy more services of our gps car tracker, including free technical services and after-sales services.

GPS tracker for trailer,equipment,vehicle

Best of all, there are no hidden fees and monthly fees.

Some gps car tracking systems are priced under $25, especially if you find a company that is running a special promotion. These options can include basic features such as real-time tracking and playback of routes.

$25 - $50: This is the most common range for premium gps car tracking systems. This price range generally has higher network stability and better range.

$50+: In this price range, gps car tracking systems have more customization features. If you order gps tracker for vehicle in bulk, you will get a discount. The best equipment is right for you. Learn more how to choose the right car gps tracking device.

8 reasons to choose our personal car tracking device

1. Professional gps vehicle tracker manufacturer since 2004

2. Get more services for less money, including technical support, after-sales service, etc.

3. The personal vehicle tracking system is free during use, without any hidden fees, monthly fees.

4. We provide one year warranty and free warranty service

5. More vehicle location tracker product models to choose from

6. Customize more tracking devices on vehicles functions according to your needs.

7. Cheap car tracking device tracking solution.

8. Universal use, support 2G/3G/4G network

gps tracker for vehicle application scenarios

The main purpose of gps tracker for vehicle is to let you know where your vehicle is at all times. It is very effective to use in some specific scenarios. For example, if your car is stolen, but you have a car location tracker device installed, you can provide the police with its exact location to help them solve the case quickly and recover your car.

in fleet management. In order to ensure the efficient operation of enterprise vehicles and prevent employees from using vehicles privately, gps car tracker is a very effective solution that can help enterprises manage assets efficiently and save labor costs, because it only needs a few gps tracking devices for vehicles to complete . The gps car tracking device can also be directly used in application scenarios where parents guard their children and care about their growth. Of course, car locator devices can also be used by criminals who may use them to track the location and time of your vehicle without the owner's permission.

If you suspect this is the case, you can always try to find the car locator device hidden in the vehicle. As a manufacturer of portable gps tracker for car, Eelink generally conducts qualification audits on the company that purchases the equipment in order to prevent the abuse of its equipment to the greatest extent. Fortunately, they were able to audit GPS devices for vehicles running on their homegrown positioning platform. Authorized operations, which can interrupt the transmission of information in an emergency.

If you just want to know the real-time location of the car, then you probably need a gps car tracking device.

portable gps tracker for car, empowering decision-making

As an explorer in the field of portable gps tracker for car, Eelink has launched a more convenient, accurate, safe and stable gps car tracking device and vehicle positioning system, helping enterprises or units to fully enter the intelligent and data-based vehicle management system.

what can we do

GPS vehicle tracker is a system-based solution with vehicle positioning as the core. Eelink focuses on technology-based enterprises that provide IoT location services, and is mainly committed to the research and development and production of gps vehicle tracker, and the design and development of high-tech applications such as vehicle positioning system applications.

1. Vehicle positioning terminal

The hardware includes car locator device, multi-function serial port locator, cargo tracker and other products, covering the entire industrial chain from product customization, design and development, to production and manufacturing.

2. Vehicle Positioning System

gps car tracking system provides solutions for enterprise fleets. The system covers a number of service functions such as vehicle management, trajectory playback, location monitoring, electronic fences, and data statistics.

3. Project customization and development

Provide ODM customization services of vehicle location tracker for customer projects, clarify requirements and formulate solutions, from product design to manufacturing, to maximize all functions required.

car gps tracking device product function

Provide system solutions for vehicle supervision. The system combines multiple services such as location monitoring, vehicle information, and alarm reminders to improve management efficiency and build a complete gps devices for vehicles system for enterprises or units.

1. Real-time location view

Display the last positioning position of the vehicle on the map, and display the current vehicle status and equipment status

2. Historical track playback

Play the vehicle's driving trajectory within a year, and analyze the vehicle's trajectory and parking point information afterwards.

3. Electronic fence alarm

Draw an electronic fence in the sensitive area, you can configure the vehicle to enter the fence or leave the fence to alarm

4. Vehicle Information Management

Maintenance and management of basic data: including vehicle management, equipment management, user management, group management, and role management

What areas are gps devices for vehicles applied to?

1. Vehicle supervision of enterprise units

Enterprise vehicles, government vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, sanitation vehicles

2. Cold chain refrigerated vehicle management

Cold chain vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated containers

3. Risk control of auto financial assets

Mortgage vehicles, installment vehicles, guaranteed vehicles, rental vehicles

4. Construction machinery equipment management

Construction machinery, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, smart construction sites

5. Logistics freight vehicle monitoring

Fuel rod fuel consumption monitoring, ultrasonic fuel consumption monitoring

6. Cargo Tracking

Cargo tracking, container location, item location, etc.

Features of gps vehicle tracker

1. Real-time update of vehicle location

gps tracking devices for vehicles combines GNSS/LBS positioning to update the vehicle's position in real time. After the fleet managers can plan the relevant routes in advance, they can monitor the position of each vehicle through the cloud background during the driving process, so as to avoid the deviation of the route or the speed of individual vehicles being too fast or too slow, and the situation that they are separated from the overall fleet.

2. Real-time grasp of vehicle status

The vehicle tracker gps is equipped with networks of different frequency bands, which can ensure that the device can be used normally in different regions, and the flameout and ignition status of the vehicle can be reported to the background cloud in time. At the same time, the device terminal can accurately count the mileage of the vehicle, so that the initial mileage of the terminal can be synchronized with the mileage of the vehicle dashboard, and the status of the vehicle can be grasped in real time.

3. Be aware of emergencies in a timely manner

Due to the large number of companies and many complicated affairs, fleet managers must ensure the safety of vehicles, avoid vehicle theft and sufficient fuel. Personal vehicle tracking devices can remotely cut off the fuel and power off the vehicle. At the same time, combined with the ultrasonic fuel level consumption sensor, the fuel level can be updated to the cloud background in real time through the sensor. When the vehicle is stolen, the platform sends a short message instruction, and the personal vehicle tracking devices starts the relay to disconnect the ignition device power after receiving the corresponding power-off instruction, so as to stop the combustion and turn off the ignition. Guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

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