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Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15
Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15 Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15
  • Long standby GPS/WiFi/LBS Luggage Tracker GPT15

  • Manufacturer: Eelink
    Demension: 96(L) × 50(W) × 11.2(H)
    The GPT15 Luggage Tracker integrated GPS satellite location/WIFI location/LBS location in combination with a quad band GSM/GPRS cellular radio connection to report that location of device. The GPT15 Luggage Tracker is optimized for reliability, cost and size. Simply place the GPT15 Luggage Tracker inside your suitcase, then by tapping the Keelin APP on your smartphone, your luggage`s location will be displayed on the APP‘s map in real-time.

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    The introduction of GPT15

    The Eelink GPT15 was originally designed to help the traveler who don't want to lost luggage during long trips.
    It is a troublesome thing to lose the luggage with valuable assets during trip. We often have no way to face such a situation.

    And it can happen anywhere – an airline can lose your bags, they go missing from a hostel dorm room, they’re sent somewhere else completely or you could leave them in the back of a cab.

    But when your baggage is installed in GPT15, the situation will change:

    You can track the location of your baggage in real time via the tracking app.

    You don't have to worry about losing your luggage. GPT15 has a good alarm function. When you leave the position you set, you can guarantee that the Luggage is within 50 meters of you.

    Though you have lost your luggage,you can get it back quickly.GPT15 has built-in the GPS patch, GSM, Bluetooth and WIFI antenna.

    The data collected by GPT15 can be transmitted by means of server, GSM/GPRS SMS or UDP pathways.

    luggage gps tracker gpt15

    The unique design architecture of GPT15

    The GPT15 Luggage Tracker integrated a chip-level design rather than the traditional method of using third-party communication modules and external processors.

    The application software is executed on a fundamental level central processing unit (CPU) under the control of a direct real-time operating system.

    This approach provides more reliability, lower power consumption, and faster response times than module/processor architectures.

    Unlike the common module/processor-based design, the GPT15 Luggage Tracker design allows applications to access the operating system directly,which reducing the need for a redundant external processor and the associated power and cost.

    How does GPT15 process data?

    GPT15 is like a GSM modem that can transmit data via a physical USB port, SMS or a UDP connection.

    Regarding text messages, GPT 15 "reads" all of its own text messages and attempts to interpret each message as an AT command. SMS text can be sent to GPT15 via any CSD SMS connection. In addition to the typical GSM / GPRS modem, the key superset features support the inherent GPT15 functionality.


    How to  locating the  GPT15 luggage tracker

    GPT15 is mainly positioned in the following ways
    1)GPS based locating
    2)WIFI indoor Locating
    3)LBS Locating
    4)Bluetooth 4.0 

    FEATURES OF Luggage Tracker GPT15

    ● Supports quad bands, universal in the world
    ● GPS/WiFi/LBS triple-Positioning mode, support A-GPS
    ● 1800mAh Battery , repeated charging
    ● High-sensitivity light sensor data uploading in real time
    ● Device link with cellphone by bluetooth, Anti-lost Alarm
    ● Transfer 3rd party terminal data get through by bluetooth(customization)
    ● Keelin Platform/ Keelin APP/ SMS inqury and configuration
    ● Support EELINK 1.9/2.0, OTA Firmware upgrade

    External structure of GPT15

    With the Eelink tracking APP, GPT15 can achieve the following functions

    ● Real-time Tracking
    ● Route Play Back
    ● Bluetooth anti-lost
    ● Pedometer
    ● Light Alarm
    ● Speed Alarm
    ● Geo-fence Alarm

    ● Low Battery Alarm

    Luggage Tracker GPT15 Parameter:

    ● GSM/LBS GSM Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz 

    ● LBS Accuracy: >200m 

    ● GPS Sensitivity: -160 dBm 

    ● GPS Band: 1575 Mhz 

    ● Search time: <60s 

    ● GPS Accuracy: 5-15m 

    ● WiFi Accuracy: 5-50m 

    ● Current <50 mA(GPS on) <10 mA(GPS off) 

    ● Light Sensor: 0-2047 LUX 

    ● Bluetooth: 4.0 

    ● Protocol: EELINK 2.0 / UDP 

    ● Standby: About 10 days 

    ● Temperature: -20 ℃~ +65℃ 

    ● Battery: 1800mAh 

    ● Demension: 96(L) X 50(W) X 11.2(H) 

    ● Weight: 65 g

    Custom options:

    Customers can also integrate other functions according to their needs, such as integrated high-precision Motion sensor, Temperature sensor or humidity sensor.

    *Sample and mini order will be delivered within 1-2 working days after the receipt of payment.
    *For order over 500pcs or customized order, please contact our sales to make sure the current inventory.Our manufacturing capacity is 1,200,000 units per year. And for the popular units we hold 3000pcs stocks in advance per month.

    *All products have been strictly Quality Checked in house before packing.
    *All products have been well packed before shipping.
    *One year warranty is provided for all models. We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.  

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