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Does installing the sos gps tracking device damage the car battery?

Unlike wireless locators, wired sos gps tracking devices cannot operate on their own battery power (except in special circumstances) and need to be connected to the car's power supply to be used.

So, is the installation of sos gps tracking device harmful to the car battery?

Under normal circumstances, the owner often uses the car within a week, sos gps tracking device will not affect the vehicle; If the owner rarely uses the car for more than a week, then the locator will consume the battery power and affect the battery life. At this time, if the locator is often connected to the fire line, it will cause the car battery to feed.

When the equipment is used normally, the power loss to the battery is actually very small, or even negligible. Of course, if the owner is still worried about this problem, you can also choose to install a wireless sos gps tracking device.

The wireless sos gps tracking device relies on a built-in battery and does not need to be connected to the car's power supply, and naturally there is no damage to the vehicle's power supply.

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