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GPS locator price

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, in the Internet of Things era, locators have gradually approached the public’s field of vision. Now we can see that GPS locators are widely used in all walks of life, which has helped the development of the industry. Push effect. Nowadays, there are many merchants selling GPS locators on the market, and the prices are not the same. Today, I will talk about the price of GPS locators within the scope of my knowledge. First of all, we have to understand what costs are generally included in the locator we buy. We have to understand that sometimes buying a thing is not just the hardware itself, the supporting services provided by the merchant are also very important.

GPS locator price includes
1. The price of GPS locator hardware: GPS locators require hardware designers to integrate various devices, such as sensors and related GPS modules. When we buy GPS locators, most of the costs we pay are generated by the equipment. It is also the most important. Since the GPS locator is composed of many devices, which type of device the merchant uses will also lead to different costs, which is determined by the cost of the device. At present, there are two types of GPS locators on the market: wired and wireless. The biggest difference between the two is whether they are wired or not. Wireless GPS locators are generally simple to install, but have limited functions. Wired GPS locators generally have more functions, such as remote power-off , Overspeed alarm, etc., the technical requirements are relatively high, and the installation process also requires certain guidance, so the price is usually relatively high. According to the current locator on the market, we can buy a relatively good-quality locator with a price of about 300. The price of GPS locator also needs to be determined by the functions that customers want to achieve. The more functional requirements you have More, the higher the technical requirements, the higher the price, which is what we call customized.
2. The traffic cost of the SIM card. SIM cards are issued by three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom), and the corresponding fees are collected by them. So why is traffic needed? This is related to the principle of GPS locator: GPS locator receives satellite signals and sends them to the server through traffic and parsed by the server and presented to the platform. We can view relevant data at any time in real time, such as driving trajectory, historical cache data, etc., upload Data requires data output. The function of the SIM card is to ensure that the locator device can upload data in real time, but generally the data capacity is very small, so the consumption of data is small, and the monthly charge is usually a dozen yuan.
3. Platform fees. The GPS locator works normally for data collection and transmission, and then a cloud server is needed to store the relevant data, and then these data are presented via mobile phones or computers. These tasks need software engineers and software developers to complete. In this process, there are Competent merchants will build their own server platforms and control the hardware and software at the same time, so that they can have a good control of product quality, and customers do not need to find third-party platforms, saving their energy. The platform requires maintenance by technicians, rent for servers and databases, so a certain fee is charged. In foreign countries, these merchants charge a fixed monthly fee. According to the customer's usage time, the service can be suspended at any time if the customer does not need it. In China, there is generally a unified charge, that is, a one-time charge. Generally speaking, if the merchant you choose does not have a certain strength, it is difficult to maintain the normal operation of the software, and usually the life of your device is terminated. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good GPS positioning supplier, because such products have high requirements for after-sales service and technical support.

The above is the cost involved in our purchase of GPS locator. In China, individual buyers do not have the ability to build a personal cloud service platform. They are generally provided by merchants, and the prices they pay are generally fixed.

The prices of GPS locators on the market are uneven. During the purchase process, we need to be patient to understand their related services. If they only provide hardware equipment without subsequent technical support and after-sales service, then the price will be lower. Have to think about it, because the GPS locator involves software and hardware technology, some technical problems may be encountered during use. If there is no technical staff to answer, it is difficult for us to solve it by ourselves.

So many times when buying a GPS locator, if the other party has guaranteed services in all aspects, the price is higher, I think it is acceptable, if you order in large quantities, the probability of getting a discount will be very high.

At present, the domestic GPS locator market is relatively transparent. If the price is expensive, it means that it may have a technical brand advantage. Personal purchase, generally the price difference will not be very large, so we first consider whether the equipment we buy meets my needs, and then Consider the price issue.
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