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How to use lte GPS tracker?

There are various types of LTE GPS trackers, and many people do not know how to use them after receiving the device? Compared to wireless locators, the use of wired locators is more complex. Today, we will take wired GPS as an example and tell you how to use lte GPS tracker?

1、Equipment inspection

Check if the appearance of the equipment is good and if the relevant accessories are complete

2、SIM card installation

To purchase a suitable SIM card, please purchase a standard mobile SIM card. Insert the SIM card (it must be turned off before installing or removing the SIM card), note that the SIM card of the device cannot be installed upside down; The SIM card of the device needs to activate network data services; Please ensure that the SIM card fee for the device is sufficient. Before loading and unloading the SIM card, be sure to disconnect the external power supply and turn the backup battery switch to the OFF position.

3、Equipment installation

(1) Use a multimeter to identify the positive and negative terminals of the vehicle battery;

(2) Use a multimeter to find the ACC line. The judgment method is to connect the black pen of the multimeter to the negative pole, and the red pen of the multimeter to the vehicle door lock wire. When the vehicle key is in the OFF state, the voltage is 0V, and when the vehicle key is in the ON state, the voltage is the vehicle power supply voltage. The line connected by the red pen of the multimeter is the ACC line.

(3) The red line (positive pole) of the power cord for equipment configuration is connected to the positive pole of the car battery;

(4) Insert the connector.

4、Device platform application login

The administrator logs in through the designated location service platform and then performs corresponding settings and functional operations through the backend.

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