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Positioner application-ship positioning

Where can the positioner be used? do you know? In some people's opinion, the biggest use scenario of positioning equipment, whether using GPS or Beidou system, is in the automotive field, guiding the fleet company to effectively manage the company's vehicles and accurately understand their location in real time. But the locator is far more than these application scenarios, and its use range is very wide! For example, the locator can also be used in the field of ship positioning.
Accurately grasping the ship's location information is of great significance for protecting crew safety and efficient management of the fleet. Many ships are now equipped with complete positioning systems. Today we will learn about relevant information about ship positioning.
 Ship positioning equipment
What are the components of the ship positioning system?
Generally speaking, a simple ship positioning system should include ship positioning equipment, ship positioning platform and ship positioning APP. They each have different functions, among which the ship locator is mainly used to collect relevant position information and store the data accurately. , The function of the platform is to cache this information in the server, so that we can call the relevant information collected by the device at any time. The software APP visualizes these data, and we can clearly view this information through the computer and mobile phones. The composition of a complicated ship positioning system is very cumbersome. We will not discuss it in depth here. Users with this requirement can contact us for details!
Application field of ship positioning system
The ship positioning system is suitable for users in fishery administration, border defense, coastal defense, military, scientific research, marine geophysical prospecting, petroleum, meteorology, fishery, marine transportation and other industries. It can realize point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint, broadcast network communication, broadband network, etc. Features. .
The role of ship locator
The ship locator plays the most important role in the entire ship positioning system. It is the basis of all data sources and the first stop. The corresponding information cannot be obtained without equipment. Software is useless.

When the ship is sailing at sea, can the locator still receive relevant signals?
Generally speaking, the ship is equipped with various communication equipment, such as mobile communication base stations, shortwave communication systems, wired telephones and other communication means, WIFI hotspots, etc., to realize data, voice/fax, dispatch, real-time image transmission and network interconnection, etc. Function, so you don’t have to worry about the network signal when using the ship locator. Data transmission can also be carried out through the local area network configured on the ship.

If your ship company hasn’t accessed the relevant positioning information service, then I suggest that you can be equipped with such a ship locator, which can not only help you manage efficiently, but most importantly, it can sometimes guarantee that when abnormal situations occur Your safety. EELINK is committed to selling GPS positioning system equipment to help you easily solve vehicle and cargo tracking problems.

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