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The most hidden car tracking device product overview

When the customer service staff ask the customer "What type of locator do you need?", the customer often answers "the most hidden car tracking device".

As the most hidden car tracking device, it should have two conditions -- form and ghost.

Form concealment refers to the effect of concealment in appearance.

At present, in order to make the GPS locator hidden, the market will choose to make the locator smaller and smaller, and strive to use the small and mini body shape to achieve the hiding effect.

The second is to work on appearance. According to Xiaobian understanding, some locator companies will put the locator appearance of the company logo removed, instead affixed with a "lightning arrester" label, to avoid the attention of thieves.

Finally, there is a locator that disguises itself as not working, with all three lights off, in a state of "suspended animation" to fool thieves.

Besides form concealment, gory concealment is also extremely important.

Gory, that is, concealment in places beyond the reach of the eye. Out of sight, usually a signal.

Some well-equipped thieves carry a GPS signal detector with them when committing crimes. When the GPS locator is working, it sends a signal to transmit data. As long as the locator sends a signal, the signal detector can accurately find the location of the locator.

At present, there are only two ways to avoid being detected by the signal detector -- anti-detection and anti-counterfeiting base stations.

Anti-detection is realized by putting the locator to sleep. When the locator goes to sleep, no active signal is emitted, so the detector can not detect the location of the GPS locator.

In addition to signal detectors, GPS locators have a powerful enemy, is the pseudo base station jamming. When it is covered by the pseudo-base station, the mobile phone signal in the area will be interrupted. Similarly, the GPS locator signal in the area will also be affected and appear offline.

The locator with anti-counterfeiting base station function can intelligently identify different base stations and fake base stations. Once the fake base station is found, it will immediately send alarm information to the platform or the user's mobile phone.

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