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What are the risks of removing the car locator device?

As we all know, no matter car rental, auto finance, or private car owners will install a car GPS locator on their cars for checking the vehicle condition and monitoring and tracking. However, some car owners may give up installing the car locator device for power saving or convenience. Even remove the existing car locator device. However, removing the car locator device will cause great risks. Here is a small editor for you to talk about it in detail.

Increased risk of car theft

In fact, whether enterprises or private car owners, the first reason to install a car locator device is to prevent theft. And that's what most GPS locators do. Generally speaking, the anti-theft function is realized through multiple alarm functions. Taking Eelink S06L as an example, the vehicle GPS locator has power failure alarm, light sensing alarm, fence alarm, ACC alarm and so on. When there is a risk of theft, it will quickly notify the enterprise or the owner. Then naturally the risk of car theft increases.

You can't know how the car is running in real time

With the development of science and technology, the functions of GPS vehicle locator are gradually enriched. Along with the requirements of enterprises and car owners, real-time monitoring and cloud management functions of car locator device are introduced. If a GPS locator is installed, the enterprise or the car owner can check the condition of the vehicle anytime and anywhere on the mobile or PC through cloud management platform (such as Eelink "instant location" platform). Once the theft happens, the location of the vehicle can be determined through this function and timely recovery. Therefore, if the car locator device is removed, the enterprise and the owner cannot check the specific condition of the car anytime and anywhere.

Multiple alarm function is missing

Most car locator devices are also equipped with electronic fence alarm, overspeed alarm, low current alarm, ACC alarm, etc., which can standardize drivers' driving safety and reduce the probability of accidents through various alarm functions. In addition, some car locator devices provide functions such as remote recording monitoring, track query and playback, and mileage statistics. These devices facilitate multi-vehicle management enterprises to collect and analyze data and prevent malicious drivers from doing illegal things.

In fact, in general, the installation of GPS locator must be more beneficial than harmful, because the car locator device can not only protect your car from all aspects, but also regulate driving safety to some extent. Therefore, if you remove the car locator device without authorization, it will not be conducive to avoid potential risks.

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