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Why is the wireless magnetic gps tracker favored by many people?

Many people want to keep their cars safe, especially in case they are stolen, and be able to rely on this GPS device to find them. Because of this, the easy to install and use wireless GPS locator is increasingly popular among this group of people. Especially now the wireless locator function is more and more rich, the experience is getting better and better.

The wireless gps tracker is a type of wireless GPS locator that uses a strong magnet to attach to a place with iron. Strong magnetic locator in recent years in the GPS locator type is fashionable. There are several reasons for this:

1. Easy installation

Strong magnetic positioner itself with strong magnetic, can be casually adsorbed in any position. If there's no iron where you want it and you don't care about it, just tape it around. Even if you're a little lazier, it's OK to find a hidden corner and tuck it in. For the non-professional, lazy person, installation is very friendly.

2. Many location options

Because the strong magnetic positioner is not connected to the positioner, must be placed in the position of the connection. People with bad intentions can follow the lines of the car and quickly find the location of the cable locator. Its body is free, so it can be flexibly placed in every corner. It's hard to find even if you want to. It's safe.

3. Complete functions

One might assume that wireless devices cannot connect to the car line, so they must not be as functional as the wiring equipment. But in fact, now the strong magnetic equipment has many functions, and is still increasing and improving, commonly used functions, it is also a lack of, such as real-time positioning, fence alarm, remote monitoring, etc., it is also not short of.

Here, the introduction of Eelink's S15, is a relatively best-selling high-intensity magnetic equipment. It also has many functions, real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, multiple alarms, enough to meet the needs of ordinary users.

If you have any further information about magnetic gps tracker or would like to place an order, you can consult our online customer service.

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