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What is the difference between car GPS locator and car GPS navigation

Car GPS locator and car GPS navigation are not the same thing. They have similarities, but there are also big differences. Now our mobile phones generally have GPS navigation functions, but they do not have the function of car GPS locators. The design of GPS locator is more complicated and has more functions. Now let's take a look at the specific differences between them.

Brief introduction of car GPS locator and car GPS navigation
The car GPS locator is installed on the car. The GPS information received by the car GPS locator is transmitted to the vehicle monitoring platform through the network (usually a SIM card), and then you or your family and friends can remotely view the location of the vehicle The status information is available, and historical trajectory data can be viewed. Simply put, it is used to locate the vehicle so that you can find out where the car is at any time.
Car GPS navigation is mainly used when you want to go to a destination, but do not know how to get there. At this time, you can use GPS navigation equipment. After setting the destination on the navigation instrument, it will give several routes , Which lines are unimpeded and which are congested, can be seen at a glance.
Same point
Both car GPS locator and car GPS navigation need to receive satellite signals, so they have satellite receiving modules; they both use GPS positioning principles to determine the location of objects.
The difference between car GPS locator and car GPS navigation
Different functions
There are many functions of car GPS locator, such as:
a. Real-time positioning function: According to the set time interval, the vehicle-mounted terminal of the satellite positioning system can report the position and other information, so that the manager can check the position of the vehicle.
b. Track playback: Save the driving data, location and other information of the vehicle for a period of time on the data center server, which can be queried and replayed, and the administrator can query the driving status of the vehicle.
c. Data statistics: Carry out statistics on vehicle mileage and working hours, which is convenient for managers to check, and enterprises and institutions can reimburse fuel expenses to personnel based on mileage statistics.
d. Electronic fence: The dispatching monitoring center sets up some areas, and when the vehicle enters or leaves the area, it reports the location information and alarms, which is convenient for the manager to manage the vehicle driving area.
f. Remotely cut off fuel and power: When necessary (such as stolen), you can send fuel and power cut instructions to the vehicle through the client monitoring platform to prevent the vehicle from starting. It is mostly used by guarantee companies to monitor vehicles paid in installments.
Core functions of car GPS navigation
a. Map query: You can search the location of your destination on the operating terminal. You can record the location information of the places you often go to, and keep it, and you can share the location information with others. Vaguely query information such as gas stations, hotels, cash machines, etc. near your attachment or a certain location.
b. Route planning: GPS navigation system will automatically plan a route according to the starting point and destination you set. The planned route can set whether to pass through certain route points. The planned route can be set whether to avoid high-speed, traffic jam and other functions.
c. Automatic navigation: voice navigation—provide driving information such as intersection steering and navigation system status to the driver in advance, just like a road-knowing guide tells you how to drive to your destination. One of the most important functions in navigation allows you to safely reach your destination through voice prompts without watching the operating terminal.
d. Re-plan the route: When you do not follow the planned route, or take the wrong intersection, the GPS navigation system will re-plan a new route to your destination based on your current location.

Through the above simple description, do you know the difference between them? Car locator and car GPS navigation are also different in application scope. Car locator can play an important role in driving safety and vehicle management. It can help companies very much. Good control of the vehicle, saving more manpower and material resources, and achieving the goal of reducing expenses. Car GPS navigation has great advantages in route guidance and route checking because it is very convenient to use.

The audiences of the two are also different. Now as long as you have a mobile phone or a car, it will have its own GPS navigation function inside. You only need to install a software APP to achieve map navigation, while the car GPS locator only The audience is in those vehicle management companies. They generally need efficient management of vehicles and save corporate costs. But at present, it has expanded to the field of private cars. We can install car locators for safety management. For example, when driving at a speeding distance, Family members can remotely cut off gas and electricity. The function is very powerful. Eelink is committed to the R&D, production and sales of a variety of GPS positioning equipment, and can also provide you with a variety of high-quality car trackers.

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