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Eelink join in the COVID-19 IoT Alliance to try to help

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We are ready to  want to help and join in COVID-19 IoT Alliance

As we know,The spread of COVID-19 around the world has caused serious damage and severely affected many company‘s economy.

How does the enterprise survive this crisis ?how can we help everyone and contribute our power a little ?That is the thoughts we consider all the time.

We meet huge challenge. And we all cannot complete it lonely.So it is necessarily to gather everyone's strength to face the crisis together.When we hear from the info about COVID-19 IoT Alliance,the Flespi organize. Eelink take a action joining in this team immediately.Looking forward to helping a little.

The world is a family, we have never been so closely connected.No one can be alone.We feel our sense of responsibility deeply. We think we must do something to get through the epidemic together. We believe we will be able to overcome this epidemic in the end.That is why we joined COVID-19 IoT Alliance.We are very appreciated for the efforts made by flespi company  in this regard.It give us chance to help each other.

So we are also willing to contribute a little in this COVID-19 IoT Alliance,And willing to promote the mission of the alliance.Eventhough we cannot help much with money but we can help with technologies, products, and support for the people‘s need.

Eelink Communication Technology Limited,As a brand experienced GPS tracking device and IoT device manufacturer, we will provide the service based on ability:

1.The high quality GPS tracking device at a special discounted price

2.Free technical consultation and installation consultation

3.The GPS tracking device OEM / ODM service at a special price

4.Tracking solution consultation

COVID-19 IoT Alliance

The Mission COVID-19 IoT Alliance 

We join forces in order to help national governments, municipalities, NGOs, and other enthusiastic groups across the globe harness the spread of the coronavirus by developing effective complex (hardware + connectivity + software) technological solutions aimed at monitoring and regulating the movement or location of people, assets, and vehicles, controlling the state of protected areas and objects, ensuring public safety, and more.

How to Spread the COVID-19 IoT Alliance

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If you know anyone struggling to build a solution to fight the coronavirus outbreak in a particular country or region, please encourage them to contact us . We’d be happy to consult!

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Note: If you are seeking our help through this alliance, please note “COVID-19 IoT Alliance

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