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Eelink GPS Tracking platform and software APP

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Description of Eelink GPS tracking platform

Eelink tracking platform Features

Eelink tracking platform benefits

Profile of tracking software APP

Eelink GPS tracking App Features


Eelink is not only a brand GPS tracking device manufacturer but also a GPS tracking platform and APP provider.

We have an independently developed GPS tracking platform and GPS tracking App , which is Committed to provide users with  better,perfect and one-stop tracking solution service.

You can view  many GPS tracking devices details from eelink website, but the information about eelink GPS TRACKING platform and APP is very rare.

This is why I have to spend a little time introducing you to our tracking platform. It is necessary to make you understand our business services content well.

Eelink GPS tracking platform

Description of Eelink tracking platform

The Eelink tracking platform is developed by Eelink great team of professional hardware and software engineers. Currently, many devices we sell to customers are working well on this platform.

Today Eelink tracking software designed to track: vehicles, trucks, cargos, bicycles and pets is being successfully used by personal households and businesses fleet all over the world.

Eelink provide the lowest GPS software price to optimize your work, save costs, protect personal things by using Eelink GPS tracking devices.

Eelink tracking platform allows customers to track their assets in real-time and helps you become indispensable.

Once you bought GPS tracking devices, GPS tracking software is necessary.

GPS tracking devices help us collect location information for our assets, then GPS tracking software receive these information that tracking devices has collecte.finally we will have a good insight to view the details.

Eelink tracking platform

What can we do by Eelink tracking platform

• Real-time tracking position
• Google Map insight

• Track playback: 3 months track record playback query; each time you can query historical data spanning 7 days. The track details can be downloaded into an xml file and saved locally.

• Sensor history information: Devices with sensors such as temperature/humidity/light perception can query historical data spanning 5 days in 3 months.

• Setting Device information:

1)The device name and SIM card number can be set;
2) If you are using our flow card, the device can also automatically display the information of the phone card. 

3) Alert settings

• Go-Fence settings: Devices with GPS for electronic fence settings.

• SWITCHING Work mode

1) Precision mode: GPS real-time positioning, high power consumption.
2)Intelligent mode: automatically switch before GPS/WIFI/base station according to the current signal condition.

3)Power saving mode: base station / WIFI positioning,

• Administrator Number: The administrator number will receive an alert message from the device. If it is an SOS alarm, the administrator number will receive a call for help from the device.

• Statistical reports: mileage statistics, alarm statistics
• Expired device reminders


Eelink tracking platform features

There are many features in Eelink tracking platform, and we can summarize some key features below:


Locate and track your all fleet of vehicles that installed gps tracker 


Provide you detailed reports including historical travel trajectory, alarm conditions, real-time location information. Get control of your assets and optimize the way you used to work until now!


View your fleet information, driver behavior, and your assets clearly.


Receive alert notifications in real time to effectively deal with various special situations.

Eelink tracking platform benefits


Our services can guarantee that in the very first months of use, you will reduce the monthly expenses of your business and you will increase your productivity!



We only charge for gps tracking devices, and the platform is almost free for the first two years.



6.Simple & Powerful Platform

we can Register and start tracking our goal in less than 5min. Tracking like vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet, etc.
Powerful GPS server features: alerts, reports, sensors etc.

7. Platform works in any country

8.24/7 international tech support

eelink tracking software app for IOS

The tracking software app developed by Eelink is customized for mobile phone users, allowing you to real-time tracking your car,truck and fleet in any place.

It is easy to use Eelink tracking software APP according to the following steps.

1.Go to KEELIN.COM and create your account for free.
2.Add a GPS TRACKING device in the web platform .
3.Enter the device IMEI and activation code
4.Give the device a name (For example: "Tracker App")
4.Create a Tracker ID, which can contain any characters. (This Tracker ID will be used for logging in to your Tracker Application).
5.Download the Tracker application from the App Store and Googleplay 
6.Log in to the Tracker application with the Tracker ID you created on the web platform.
7.After logging in make sure to allow location access.
8.Go to the in-app settings and start tracking your fleet and others.
9.Check the web platform. In a few minutes (depending on your frequency rate) you'll see the location of your devices on map

Eelink tracking App Features

1.Adjust to the GPS devices‘parameters

Eelink tracking APP provides graphic interface with easy controls so that users can adjust these parameters in a convenient way.

The smarter GPS tracker is, the wider set of options is available: tracking mode, power saving, harsh driving sensitivity, special sensors, CAN bus parameters, LED indication and many more. All saved settings are automatically converted to M2M commands and sent over GPRS/IP or SMS, and will be applied regardless device is currently online or offline.

2.REAL-TIME tracking and receive alert

Through Eelink tracking APP, users can perform positioning tracking, motion track playback, device parameter query and setting, receive and record device abnormal status alarms, etc., You can realize remote positioning monitoring and management of the device by our GPS tracking APP.

3. GeoFence setting

With the GeoFence feature of our software, you can limit the movement area of your assets and get notified instantly when a vehicle enters or leave a GeoFence area you created!

You can see the following button On Eelink tracking App, which is easy to understand their use by name

1. "Device List" management interface.
2. The "Device Information, Device Operation, and Device Notification" function buttons.
3. "Navigation Map" selection button
4. Device location and phone location switch button
5. "Track Playback" button
6. "Device Location Sharing" button
7. "Satellite Map" toggle button

Alert setting interface

Eelink real time tracking software offers many alert that you can set: Overspeed alert, Moving alert, Loss Connection alert, Route IN/OUT alert,collision alert, displacement alert, drop alert, low battery report,SOS alert and many more! Learn in real time the status of your vehicles and get actual control of your assets!

EELINK tracking platform for android

Eelink offer you a complete online GPS Tracking software APP that will help you manage your fleet,CAR PETS,CARGO and optimize the way you used to work. 

Especially in fleet management,GPS Tracking software APP help you approach into your business vehicles easily,which will increase your employees’ productivity, and in addition, you will get critical and useful reports about the behavior of your vehicles.

Our GPS tracking software APP  provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, which helps you retrieve valuable insights & crucial information driven directly through the car installed the tracking devices! Real time GPS tracking solution through our pioneer Tracking software.

Create your free trial account and add your devices on our gps tracking software now. Our application is easy to use, with great graphics, useful reports and mobile friendly.You can access it from any location in the world and from each Eelink device that has access on the Internet! Take control of your assets and optimize the way you used to work until now!

Eelink also offers high quality GPS tracker for individual use and business. We, as brand manufacturer want to provide with the best one-stop services for GPS tracking, so that wecan make many people enjoy the convenience brought by the IOT era.

Anyway,Eelink is happy and pround to offer high quality Android and IOS tracking apps that can help you bulid good business and manage fleet well.

Have any question,please don't hesitate to contact us.



1. For the first registration, you need to fill in the IMEI number of the device and the activation code. The device IMEI number and activation code are on the body or can be found on the outer box.
2. If APP is Chinese version,you need to fill the mobile phone number to receive the SMS verification code.If English version,the correct email address is need.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password when you log in, you can retrieve the password by using the email account or mobile phone number you registering.

You should sure the email account/mobile number are valid , and you can send and receive emails or send and receive text messages to set the password correctly.

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