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FAQS About Eelink tracking devices

When we are not familiar with the working principle of GPS , we may encounter some trouble during use GPS tracker.

To help everyone better to use eelink tracking devices, we have listed a series of problems that you may meet.

Eelink, as a brand GPS tracker manufacturer, we will try our best to help everyone solve the problem and provide technical support.

If your problem is not here, you can contact us or consult our technical team.

1.My device do not connect to the position server

If your tracking device never online on the platform server when installed it firstly. you should check :

1)If the power cables are wired correctly? Pay attention to not put them to the controlling cables of the vehicle.
2)Whether the SIM card is installed correctly? Please refer to the installation instructions in the eelink protocols.
3)Check the status of the LED indicators. If the terminal is OK, the red LED and the blue LED will intermittently flick.
4)Inquiry the parameters of terminal via commands and check the right of the parameters.

2.Offline status on the platform server

Check the LED indicators whether is OK, if not, you can check the SIM card following next steps:

1)call the SIM card of the terminal and check if you can hear the connect ring.
2)Check if the vehicle is in the place where there is no Cellular network signal.
3)Check if one device or all telematics device are offline in the area . If all devices are offline, you should ask the network operator that whether the network is OK.
4)Check whether You did not recharge your SIM card, resulting in arrears.
5)If the device becomes offline on the last day of one month, please check if GPRS is close.
6)Inquiry the parameters of terminal via configuration commands and check the accuracy of the parameters.

3.My devices Cannot recieve the location datas for a long time

If the GPS is active, but the terminal cannot be positioned for long time, please check the terminal:

1) Is the GPS signal normal?
2)The upside of the terminal should be installed with face toward the sky.
3)The GSM and GPS signal may be weakened if the terminal is installed in the place with electromagnetic wave absorption material, more attention should be paid if there is metal thermal insulation layer or heating layer on the front windshield, so that the position accuracy will decline, and the severe ones will not be positioned.

4.The problem of Position drift 
Serious position drift will be found in places where GPS signal is poor. Please drive the vehicle to the signal open area.

6.How can i view the data report that Eelink Device recieved?

Our GPS Tracking system will allow you to view your device location through three ways: via the PC internet, via your web-enabled mobile phone, or via our mobile app.

7.How far will my Eelink tracker locate?

Our tracking system is designed to connect with world anywhere,once you installed Eelink GPS tracker and the celluar network normal,the device will help you a lot. If the device enters an area without GSM cellular coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report its accuracy location until it re-enters an area with network coverage. Once it reconnects, it will transmit a history of its locations that you can view online.

8.Will my Eelink device work anywhere?
 Yes – It will work anywhere that you have a GSM 2G/3G/4G cellular signal.GPS tracking is the most complete positioning system at present

9.What is the accuracy of the Eelink Device?
Though there are restrictions placed by the military, today’s GPS receivers are extremely accurate thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. The Eelink device is usually accurate within 15~50 meters. Remote area without gsm signal area is less accuracy and other sources of error may affect the accuracy.

Due to technological limitations of the GPS satellites’ signals, we cannot guarantee that the GPS device will work 100% of the time. GPS signals connections may experience downtime, interruptions or dead spots.

However, under normal circumstances, our equipment works well and the probability of occurrence is very low.

10.Does the Eelink device work the same in all areas?

No. The Eelink device works best in suburban areas such as neighborhoods, houses, schools, parks, and flatter regions. It can receive a GPS signal better in these areas because there is less obstruction of the GPS signal. The better line-of-sight the GPS , the more accurate the position will be. The Eelink device will work on a limited basis in cities where there are many high-rise buildings because the buildings decrease line of sight to the GPS signal causing errors in positioning.


11.What should i do when install Eelink Device improve over time?
The initial location is the hardest as the Eelink device is connecting for the first time with four satellites and figuring out where in the world it is. Most often this requires taking the device outside for 5 or more minutes. If activating in a home you may notice the initial location reported is approximate to your home but not very accurate. As your locator continues to gather data outside of the home and then inside, you will see its accuracy improve.

12.should i set up administer ?
YES. Only when you register your Eelink device on our tracking application, you can list up to ten trusted individuals that you want to receive notifications. You can also customize how you want them to receive the alerts; either via email (free service) or text alerts . You can change or edit these names at any time. If you want them to be able to directly track your device, they would need your log-in and password to access the web-based service or mobile App.

13.How often should I replace my Device?
You should not need to replace the unit unless it has been broken or damaged, or you wish to upgrade when a newer unit is available.

14.What is standard warranty
One years  for manufacturer-related problems. This does not include abuse to the device or accidental damage or water damage.

15.How do I activate my Eelink Device?
1) After you have fully charged and turned on your device for the first time:

2) Browse to our website www.keelin.com.cn and click Login button.

3) If you are not registered yet, click on Sign Up, enter your e-mail and password, retype password and click on Sign Up For Eelink and after a while please check your e-mail and confirm registration then go to keelin platform and click Login button.

4) Login using your e-mail and password.

5) Click Orange “Activate device” button or choose Activate device from drop-down menu at top-right and follow the form.

6) You will need to enter your device ID; It can be found on the label attached to the bottom of the Box or underneath battery. It is a 7 digit number (e.g., 1050137).

7)You will be able to enter your payment details or activation code.

8) Follow activation prompts from the website.

16.How long does the SOS button need to be pressed in order to send an SOS alert signal ?
The SOS button needs to be pressed and held for 4 seconds to activate an alert. This helps prevent false SOS alerts.

17.Is the Eelink Device waterproof?
Depending on the equipment you purchased, some devices are waterproof and some do not support waterproofing.

18.How long does the battery last?
Under normal use, the battery can last up to 48 hours. Please note that several factors can affect the battery life including temperature, network, signal strength and locator features used. For example, if the device is in a very limited cell (GSM) coverage area, this will require the device to work harder to obtain a signal resulting in less battery life. Also, the more frequently you track the device, the faster the battery will be used.

19..The following conditions are not covered by the warranty.
1)More than the warranty period.
2)Unauthorized removal or repair damaged.
3)Damage caused by improper installation, use, maintenance, custody.
4)The IMEI label is torn or Obscure.
5)Warranty certificate and product models do not match or warranty certificate be altered.

6)Damage caused by force majeure.

20. Instructions receiving abnormally
1)Check the instructions format.
2)Check if the GSM signal is strong.
3)Check if the SIM card is properly installed.

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