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One-Stop Service For GPS Fleet Tracking

If you are finding the best tracking devices and platform for your fleet ,you are at the right place.

As a brand GPS tracker manufacturer,Eelink Can Provide you A Complete one-stop service for GPS Fleet Tracking Include:

1.The best fleet tracking device 

Based on your requirement,you can choose the suitable units.We have many types of tracking devices. 

There is always one you will be satisfied with, If not, we will customize and  design to meet your needs.

2.The intuitive,easy-to-use software APP

If you choose our service,our self-developed app is available for you to use.
The APP was developed by the Eelink's software team,which means you will get more technical support from us.
Of cource,there is a open protocol on our device,you can choose the platform freely.

3.Unlimited technical support from Software and Hardware Team

Have any question about the software and hardware devices,we can help to solve.

The devices we sale have a quality promise for 12 Months.

4.Free guide to help you install

It is easy to install for Eelink's devices.Our engineer will ensure to active your devices for your fleet


1.Monitor every vehicle in your fleet for real-time tracking.

2.Easy-to-read icons clearly indicate vehicle speed and direction.

3.Monitor driver‘s performance data points like speeding, stops, and more.

4.Improve Fleet Management Efficiency 

5.Reducing More Fees For Company

6.Reducing risk and liability,Safety Improvement

7.Reducing vehicle idle-time,Cache more useful datas

8.Customize the function you need

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