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gps tracker portable: can it prevent the loss of the suitcase?

Losing a suitcase on a trip can be regarded as a nightmare situation. This kind of situation usually occurs when checking luggage on an airplane. In 2018, nearly 22 million suitcases were taken by mistake or lost in the world. In other words About 5.7 suitcases are mistaken for every 1,000 tourists.

Some airlines are already doing some technology to try to reduce the occurrence of this type of situation, but sometimes it is not just at the airport that the luggage is lost, and there are not a few people who take the wrong luggage or forget it outside the check-in. So how to reduce this kind of situation?

At this stage, a solution has been proposed in the field. In order to avoid the loss and forgetting of the suitcase, everyone needs to quickly obtain the location information of the suitcase and can easily query the location view.

Specifically for the above needs, the anti-lost positioning method for travel luggage is developed through the combination of hardware and software, which can well meet the needs of customers.

The real-time location information of the luggage is mainly realized by the portable locator, and then the information is transmitted to the server platform through the relevant technology, and finally the platform information is presented to everyone through the developed software APP.

So if you have valuable travel bags and you are worried about the loss of your travel bags, it is a very suitable choice to put such a high-tech gps tracker portable in your suitcase. If you go out for travel or business, you have no worries. , focus on taking care of the suitcase, the suitcase will automatically leave your safety range, and you will be able to get information alerts and prompts in time.

In fact, gps tracker portable is very popular abroad, and their awareness of safety precautions is very high. On the other hand, in China, the concept is not so obvious. In addition, there is a lack of sufficient understanding of the mechanical equipment of the Internet of Things, and relevant companies rarely promote these aspects. cognition. But with the improvement of everyone's quality of life, the luggage locator will definitely be favored by everyone in the future.

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