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gps tracking system for cars shows what is a shutdown or power outage?

The gps tracking system for cars shows that there are only four situations in which power is turned off and off.

1. The equipment is not powered on

More than 60 percent of device outages and shutdowns are because the device is not powered on, especially with a wired gps tracking system for cars. The wired gps tracking system for cars must be connected to the working power supply of the car to be used, so when the device is wired incorrectly, or the line is not powered, the locator shows power failure or shutdown.

Two, card slot loose

More than 30 percent of gps tracking systems for cars shut down mainly because of loose card slots. If the card slot is loose, you only need to remove and reinsert the card to restore the device to normal status.

Three, the device has no signal

The absence of a GSM signal where the equipment is located is also highly likely to result in a power outage or shutdown of the vehicle equipment. The average owner only needs to drive the vehicle to a place with a signal, and the card will naturally resume smooth use.

4. Equipment failure

If the above situation does not exist, then it is very likely to be the cause of equipment failure, the user can directly contact the seller to send back the test.

In addition, the device shutdown or power failure may also be related to insurance. Some equipment insurance is directly connected to the power line, if the insurance problem may also cause the equipment to shut down and power off. Of course, if the user changes no matter what card, the device shows shutdown, the user can only send the device back to the original factory for return testing.

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