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gps tracking system for cars three indicator lights are not on what is the reason?

In the process of using gps tracking system for cars, we encounter more problems such as offline equipment and positioning errors. The fault of the locator indicator light is relatively less mentioned, and today we will sort out a collection of troubleshooting methods for the indicator light.

First, let's talk about the signal light of the locator: there are three lights on the gps tracking system for cars, which are green lights, red lights and blue lights. The green light represents the GSM signal, the red light represents the power supply, and the blue light represents the GPS signal.

Problem 1: The green light is not on

The GSM light indicates the state of the communication signal, and its normal working state should be flashing. If this light remains steady, it means that there is an incoming or outgoing call; If the light is off, it means that the locator did not receive the GSM signal or that the locator forgot to place the SIM card at the time.

Problem 2: The red light is not on

The power light naturally indicates the power supply of the device. Under normal circumstances, the power light should be in a state of slow flashing. If the light is blinking strongly, it means that the battery power of the device rarely needs to be replenished; If the light is off and completely off, it means that the gps tracking system for cars either has a problem inside the device or the battery has been in a state of loss of power, to check the line or to replace the battery charge.

Problem 3: The blue light is not working

The blue light represents the GPS signal status, when the light is in a slow flashing state, it means that the locator has been successfully positioned; If it's a flash mob, it means the device is searching for perimeter signals; If this light does not light or appears in addition to the normal fast and slow blinking state, it means that the locator is not working in a dormant state.

These three kinds of signal lamp fault solution we can conduct a problem according to the situation encountered. It is usually mentioned in the product description. If it still fails to solve the situation, it is recommended to communicate with the gps tracking system for cars manufacturer, do not disassemble the locator without permission to avoid damaging the equipment parts.

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