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gps tracker with temperature sensor,gps temperature monitoring device-Eelink
gps tracker with temperature sensor,gps temperature monitoring device-Eelink
  • gps tracker with temperature sensor,gps temperature monitoring device-Eelink

  • Manufacturer: Eelink
    Model: BTT01
    Unit weight: 27g
    Broadcast frequency: 5s

    The BTT01 is a wireless temperature and humidity beacon device,which integrated the Ble bluetooth 5.0 technology.

    It can collect a ambient temperature and humidity datas remotely such as cold-chain car,warehouses.The temperature beacon device transfer datas to platform via Bluetooth 5.0.  It can store up the temperature and humidity data 180 days

    It built-in the High-end temperature sensor and Bluetooth 5.0 chipset nRF52840,whichainly use in monitoring the cold-chain/supply-chain/indoor temperature filed.

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    The description of Wireless Ble Temperature Beacon device

    The BTT01 is a high quality temperature tracker with high accuracy temperature sensor that uses BLE5.0 to transmit acquisition information.

    BTT01 is bluetooth beacon with the functon of monitoring temperature.

    It has a small and compact design,and it is easy to deployment it.BTT01 uses Bluetooth broadcast to collect the temperature and humidity data. 

    We can realize 24-hour temperature monitoring of objects by the temperature tracker APP developed by Eelink or other Bluetooth-enabled products.

    BTT01 has many functions including Bluetooth transmission,180 days data cache,5 years long standby, etc.

    With the long standby feature,we don't need to charge the battery within 5 years.

    BTT01 can be work with Eelink GPS tracker GPT46 together, the data is uploaded to the server through GPT46,which can achieve precise tracking of the local area. One GPT46 can match 24 Beacons.

    When BTT01 is used alone, we need to use the Temperature Beacon APP to obtain historical information collected by the device and upload it to the cloud sevicer.We can locate the position by the strength ofRSSI signal.


    1. Support local data caching. We can cache four days of temperature data and other related information, which makes it easier for you to retrieve data and analyze data to achieve your goals. Usually BTT01 save one data package every 5 minutes, and we can quackily view the real-time temperature information

    2. Long standby function. The temperature monitor device consumes low power and has strong stability. When using it, we will not charge the battery within 3 to 5 years, which greatly saves the company's manpower and helps companies managed easier.

    3. Support working with GPS tracking devices. One GPT46 can work with 24 Beacons


    1.Food and Medicine Keeping

    2.Cold chains

    3.Logistics management

    4.Supply chain

    5.Temperature IOT

    6.Enterprise assets

    7.Warehouses management


    When BTT01 is used alone, we need to download the temperature tracker app: Keelin-Beacon.For information about Keelin-Beacon, you can view the details.

    Eelink uses mobile communication, GPS/Beidou positioning, temperature sensing, big data and other technologies to realize temperature and humidity monitoring and positioning of goods and transportation vehicles in cold chain logistics, and truly realize the visualization and dataization of cold chain logistics. The principle of supervision is the leading gps temperature monitoring device solution for temperature and humidity monitoring of refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks, and cold chain warehouses in the cold storage industry.

    Program features and advantages

    Put a temperature sensor in each refrigerated transport vehicle to constantly monitor the temperature in the refrigerated vehicle, give an alarm when the temperature reaches the upper and lower limits, and record the specific time and continuous duration of the temperature exceeding the limit. At the same time, carry out effective vehicle monitoring on cold chain vehicles, and record basic information of transport vehicles (vehicle number, transport unit, etc.).


    1. Equipped with high accuracy temperature sensor

    2.IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof level
    3.4 days local data cache in default mode
    4.small and compact design for easy to use
    5. Strong long standby performance, no need to charge the battery within 3-5 years
    6.Real-time data converting, storing and uploading
    7. Can be used with Eelink's self-developed temperature tracker app
    Keelin-Beacon supports IOS and Android
    8. Support for customize functions

    Waterproof Level:IP67
    Case material:PC
    Case color:Blue


    Standby Current:5uA-16uA

    Peak Current:10mA-45mA

    Dimension:66.5(L) x56(W)x6.7(H) mm

    Battery type:Li-MnO2, Lithium manganese battery

    Battery Capacity:1350mah

    Wireless Technology:BLE Bluetooth low energy 5.0 chipset nRF52840

    Transmission distance:Max 500m in open space

    Broadcast power:8db

    Average Current:25uA

    Accessory:3M adhesive

    Battery Capacity:1350mah

    Sampling Period:According to customer’s need

    Temperature sensor accuracy:±0.5 °C (0°C to 65°C) ±1.0°C (-40°C to 125°C)

    Working temperature:-20°C to﹢60°C

    Storage temperature:﹣30°C to﹢80°C

    LED/Button:Blue LED/Power on; Red LED/Power off

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