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Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H
Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H
  • Real-time 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H

  • Manufacturer: Eelink
    Mfr No: TK319-H
    Location: ShenZhen
    Weight: 65g

    TK319-H is 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker manufactured by Eelink,which is mainly used in business vehicles or fleet tracking. you can download the 3G gps tracker TK319-H manual for more details.If you want to buy the GPS tracker for your car with 3G network,the device is your good choice.

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  • Description

    The description of Real-time Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H

    The TK319-H 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker is an easy to use, real-time car GPS tracker with highly dedicated and accurate ultramodern 3G technology to show you live movements and transmit the location speedily via email or SMS alert.

    It boasts an impressive UMTS/HSPA module for providing efficient and cost-effective high-speed mobile connectivity than any other module out there. This exquisite 3G GPS tracker can be used to monitor a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles for location, direction, speed, and traffic.

    The TK319-H 3G GPS Tracker is highly equipped with external applications processor for easy and effective communication with uBlox UMTS/HSPA module by UART. This simple, yet effortlessly elegant device acts as a 3G modem and responds swiftly to AT commands issued from either a physical UART port connection or to AT commands issued to it through an SMS, TCP/IP or UDP/IP connection.

    You can gain total control over your operations and entire business with TK319-H 3G GPS Tracker. Packs an impressive IP65 waterproof design so you no longer have to worry about rainy days. This quality, reliable, portable, and cost-effective device reduces damages or accidents to your vehicles since your drivers will know that they are been monitored.

    Basic info of TK319-H

    Model No.: TK319-H

    Type: GPS Tracker

    Use: Automotive

    Operating Principle: Interferometric Type

    Carrier Frequency: Dual-Frequency

    Certification: ISO2000, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949

    Working Voltage: 6-36V DC

    Working/Standby Current: <30mA@12V / <10mA@ 12V

    GPS Positioning Accuracy: 5-15m

    GSM Positioning Accuracy: About 200 M

    GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    Hot/Warm/Cold Start Time: <3s,<15s,<60s

    Battery Capacity: 70mAh

    Dimensions (mm): 87(L)X41.6(W)X 12(H)

    Operating Temperature: -20℃~70℃

    Operating Humidity: 20%~80%RH

    Features of 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H

    • Perfect for logistics enterprises, car rental companies, logistics distribution, intelligent transportation, and safety supervisionA Marketer’s Guide to Minneapolis
    • A carefully embedded 150mAh battery for emergency alarm when removing main power
    • Sufficient 4Megabyte storage space for application and data storage
    • Over The Air (OTA) application firmware updates are supported through a TFTP connection to a server
    • Uses GPS (uBlox IC) satellite location in combination with UMTS/HSPA module of uBlox’s UMTS/HSPA to report precise location.

    Application of 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK319-H

    Though the TK319-H is built to meet the high demands of commercial vehicle tracking, the device works equally well as a personal and affordable GPS tracker for cars. The wide ranging applications of the TK319-H makes it easy to meet a host of GPS car tracking needs regardless of fleet size. Whether you’re a CEO of a massive truck fleet, manager of a car rental company, or a parent keeping tabs on a teenager, the TK319-H delivers reliable reports in a low-cost tracking device complete with a GPS tracking app.

    • Logistics Enterprises
    • Car Rental Company
    • Logistics Distribution
    • Intelligent Transportation
    • Safety Supervision

    Specifications of  TK319-H

    Work current
    Standby Current
    GPS positioning accuracy
    GSM Positioning Accuracy
    About 200 m
    GPS Frequency

    GSM Frequency,

    WCDMA Frequency



    Hot/Warm/Cold Start time
    Battery Capacity
    Dimensions (mm)
    89(L)X37(W)X 12(H)
    Operating Temperature
    Operating Humidity


    • PTCRB
    • GCF
    • FCC
    • IC
    • R&TTE
    • RCM
    • CCC
    • Giteki
    • Anatel
    • AT&T
    • Rogers (all planned)



    Alarm Type

    • Vibration Alarm
    • Collision / falling Alarm
    • Speed Alarm
    • Geo-fence Alarm

    Additional Features:

    •   Advanced Data Reporting
    • The TK319-H can initiate data reporting through several pathways including UMTS/HSPA’s SMS, TCP/IP or UDP pathways. The vehicle tracking device can also report over a physical UART connection for variable data reporting connections. Network provisioning via SIM technology is designed for both reliability and cost-efficiency. The TK319-H can be provisioned for TCP/IP, UDP and SMS data services for application command and data transactions within the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz GSM bands and 800,850,900,1900 and 2100MHz UMTS/HSPA bands.

     Automatic Field Lockup Recovery

    • Get a powerful hardware watchdog featuring a power and reset cycle
    • Circuit Switched Data (SMS) code maintenance
    • Hard Reset
    • Restore Factory Defaults
    • Software downloads using OTA

        Specialized GPS Functions

    • Setup and monitor geographic fences (Geo-Fence)
    • GPS data reporting
    • GPS power control
    • GPS status reporting

         Device Initiated TCP/IP or UDP reporting

    • Low battery condition
    • Geographic Fence Violation Notifications
    • Report Record Queue
    • User defined IP addresses
    • Schedule Recurring Events

         Virtual AT Command Processor

    • SMS connection
    • TCP/IP connection
    • UDP/IP connection

         OTA Code Update

    • Uses TFTP
    • 100% Buffered

         APN support

    • Optional credential verification

    Warranty period
    Since the date of purchase, passive waste host has one year warranty.
     After sales
    Any of the following circumstances not covered by the warranty, but may be appropriate to pay repair:
    1)More than the warranty period.
    2)Unauthorized removal or repair damaged.
    3)Damage caused by improper installation, use, maintenance, custody. 
    4)The IMEI label is torn or Obscure.
    5)Warranty certificate and product models do not match or warranty certificate be altered.
    6)Damage caused by force majeure.

    *Sample and mini order will be delivered within 1-2 working days after the receipt of payment.
    *For order over 500pcs or customized order, please contact our sales to make sure the current inventory. Our manufacturing capacity is 1,200,000 units per year. And for the popular units we hold 3000pcs stocks in advance per month.

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