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6 things about OBD GPS Tracker you should know


If you don't know anything about OBD GPS tracker, so the following words about OBD GPS tracker may help you. There are so many types of GPS tracker, OBD GPS tracker just is one kind of the GPS car tracker. Maybe I can not tell all about the OBD GPS tracker,i will try to say more.

If you are a professional GPS tracker purchaser, you can ignore this article. Then,you can directly look at the specific product model parameters and features to determine whether the product meets your needs.To buy the OBD GPS Tracker.

The following article mainly explains some simple knowledge about OBD GPS tracker

1.What is the OBD GPS tracker

OBD GPS tracker is a small plug and play tracking device, which is easy to install in your vehicle.It can be pluged into a vehicle's OBD II port to collect the data about the location,speed and so on.

Most OBD GPS tracker's function is the same as other car tracking devices.But the electronic components that make up the device may be different and of different quality.

The OBD GPS tracker also called plug and play GPS tracker,plug in car tracker,obd port tracker.

plug and play GPS tracker

2.How does the OBD GPS tracker work

OBD GPS trackers plug into the OBD port of a vehicle. Usually, an OBD GPS tracker draws power from the OBDII port itself and contains a built-in antenna along with a GPS module to receive the GPS signal. 

In addition, OBD GPS trackers communicate with the different vehicle subsystems for receiving vehicle diagnostic and fuel consumption related data. Most of OBD GPS Trackers have the ACC detection.

A cellular OBD GPS tracker directly communicates with the cell tower to send the location and other vehicle performance data to the server over a cellular wireless network,2G,3G,4G network,etc.So when you buy the device,please check that what network use in your country.

Users will have a good insight for the Car data chart  from a desktop/laptop computer or using smartphone.

3.The advantages of OBD GPS tracker

The biggest advantage of OBD GPS tracker is that you can install it conveniently.The OBD tracker installs within seconds and runs itself.

OBD port tracker does not require a professional installation engineer ,But a wired GPS tracker need technical support for installation .

What's more,Once installed the plug in car tracker, it will work all the time.Beacuse OBD GPS tracker don't need the external power supply,the vehicle will supply the power for the device.

 4.The disadvantage of OBD GPS tracker

But There is also disadvantage for OBD GPS tracker. The plug in GPS tracker has the use limitation.which require the OBD port in your car. And it only use for car,but no other object.Some GPS tracker also can track the cargo,trailer,motorcycle, etc.So OBD GPS tracker have a narrow use range.It only is designed for tracking the car.

Less expandable functionality
In general, the OBD GPS tracker has a few fixed functions. But It does not like the wired GPS tracker have more extend functions like the temperature monitor,external battery function so on.

5.The suggestions to buy OBD GPS tracker

If you want to wholesale OBD GPS tracker,it is better to find the GPS tracker manufacturer.Beacuse they provide the lower price than other channel.If you want to buy for individual use,you can buy OBD GPS tracker by Amazon, AliExpress so on.

Generally,OBD GPS tracker's price range is between 30$-100$.Based on the quantity you buy ,the more devices you buy ,the lower the OBD GPS tracker's price.

6.How to know the quality of OBD GPS tracker

In general, it is difficult to identify the quality of OBD GPS tracker directly, but we can still check from several aspects below : what GPS module is used, whether the appearance is good, what materials used for obd gps tracker, whether have product certificate, if you want to order in bulk, You should test several OBD devices to see whether working well. It is important and which can protect your business to avoid major risks.


OBD GPS tracker is a good tool to track your vehicle. In many cases, the obd gps tracker can help you solve many problems, especially in vehicle management and official vehicle protection. Choose a suitable obd gps tracker for your vehicle, make you fell a peace of mind.

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