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4g gps tracking device Opens New era for long-distance cargo transport

China's social logistics totaled 202.5 trillion yuan in the first three quarters of 2020, according to statistics from the Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. Although the overall growth rate in 2020 has slowed down compared with that in 2019 due to the impact of the epidemic and the total amount has decreased, with the upgrading of consumption, China's logistics demand continues to expand. Relying on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, intelligent hardware and other scientific and technological means, it is expected that China will exceed 300 trillion yuan in 2021, and long-distance cargo transportation will usher in a brand new beginning.

As we all know, cargo transportation cannot be separated from efficient fleet management, and multimodal transportation will become an important mode of long-distance freight transportation in the future. Enterprises are making use of intelligent hardware of the Internet of Things, big data platform and other technologies to improve the analysis and decision-making ability of logistics management, and use data to make decisions in the cockpit, so as to promote the digitalization, visualization and transparency of the whole long-distance freight process.

Therefore, 4g gps tracking device will play a huge role in long-distance freight transportation, not only to help long-distance freight enterprises achieve remote management, but also to assist enterprises to achieve data analysis.

Take Eelink's latest 4G CAT1 smart location terminal S105L as an example to explain how 4g gps tracking device can help visual management of long-distance freight.

Long distance transportation whole visual supervision

Long distance freight transport times are determined by geographical distance, and companies are often unable to manage their goods throughout their journey, so theft, traffic accidents or other types of instability cannot be eliminated in a timely manner. However, freight enterprises can use 4g gps tracking device to collect all information, including road information, vehicle information and cargo information, and realize remote supervision of long-distance freight vehicles through real-time location return, real-time track record, alarm statistics overview and other functions.

Long distance freight security

Eelink S105L is equipped with 10+ heavy alarm function, including speeding alarm, fence alarm, power failure alarm and other possible risks to predict and warn, enterprise managers can use Eelink intelligent cloud platform to "immediately locate" the vehicle monitoring, and according to the information sent back by the terminal intelligent route planning, avoid the accident black spot. Reduce your risk.

Long distance freight data management

Eelink S105L is equipped with 4G CAT1 new product, which not only has a wider network coverage, but also has a faster location return speed, which is convenient to send data back to the cloud platform in time. The cloud platform can immediately locate the data management process of screening - statistics - analysis, and finally output reports for enterprise managers to manage vehicles and personnel, and establish a sound person-vehicle assessment system.

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