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What is 4g gps tracker for car,what are the characteristics of 4g vehicle gps tracker?

We will discuss the advantages of the 4G GPS tracker and why the 4G GPS tracker will replace the 2G/3G GPS tracker to become the better choice at the GPS tracker market.

What is the 4g gps tracker for car

4G GPS tracker is a hardware tracking devices to tracking the location for fleet,vehicle,cargo so on. 

The most functions is same as the 2G/3G GPS tracker,but it is a Upgrade version to 2G/3G tracker,which have better performance to tracking the location more accuracy.

Although most 2G/3G GPS trackers can meet your needs in some country, with the development of network technology, 5G, 4G networks are replacing traditional 3G/2G networks.

As we all know, the tracking device relies on gps technology and network technology to run. If the 3G/2G network disappears, the 2G/3G GPS tracker will not work and transmit data to the server..

That is one of the reasons why we need a 4g gps tracker for car. Not only that, we have more reasons to choose the 4G GPS tracker.

The 4g gps tracker for car has better performance and features. It is time to know more about 4g gps tracker for car

4g gps tracker application

The benefits of 4g gps tracker for car

1. Better performance, faster data transfer speed.

At present, with the advancement of the Internet of Things era, countries gradually phase out backward network facilities, 2G networks are basically eliminated, and 4G networks have covered most countries. The 4G GPS Tracking Device has better performance and faster data transfer speed than 2G/3G products.

2. Cache historical datas up to 60 days

4G GPS Tracking Device can cache more data for up to 60 days. You can quickly browse your driving history track. This can help you regulate driving behavior and make Driver safety

3.Real-time tracking to improve fleet management efficiency

4G GPS Tracking Device is a good Fleet management solution. Real-time tracking fleet will be simple to connect to our devices via PC, mobile software.

Our devices are ideal solution for fleet management systems. You can install our 4G GPS trackers on multiple vehicle or trucks. Once activated, you can view all the historical driving track data on APP interface.4G GPS Tracking Device can help you better manage fleet effectively in some spots including Driver safety,Driver retention Fleet tracking in real-time,etc.

4.Suitable for many fields

4G GPS tracker can be used in a wide range of areas, including Fleet management, supply chain management, asset management, etc.

5.Good stability

You will find that you never lose your connection. 4G LTE GPS trackers can receive GPS signals very quickly, and your tracking target will be displayed in the APP associate with device,which to control location information in real time.Generally, 4G LTE GPS trackers maintain long-term operation and ensure the stability of the device. But, long working mode requires more power.

Final words

As 4G networks are fully covered in more and more countries, 4G LTE GPS trackers will become the main tracking device in the market. 4G LTE GPS trackers have so many advantages that you should consider it when you need to buy a tracking device. It is a cool thing that using 4G LTE GPS trackers for your vehicle when your friends are using 2G/3G GPS tracker.

Currently only a few GPS TRACKER manufacturers produce 4G LTE GPS trackers.IF YOU want to buy it, please choose a formal channel to prevent being cheated.

Main functions of 4g gps tracker for car:

1. Precise GPS positioning

2, support 808 standard agreement

3, remote cut off oil and electricity

4, DC detection

5, power failure alarm

6. Speeding alarm

7, electronic fence

8. Track playback

9, vibration sensor

10, ACC detection

11, vehicle speed detection

Note: Many functions are optional, please communicate with customer service before purchasing 4g vehicle gps tracker.

main feature:

1. Positioning mode: GPS+LBS multiple positioning modes

2, industrial grade design, working voltage 9~95V

3. Precise positioning with an accuracy of 5 meters

4, Apple, Android, web/APP and other multi-platform operation support

4G car GPS tracker product advantages:

Real-time positioning:

Inquire real-time location information at any time. The remote mobile APP is easy to operate and can be viewed at any time;

History track:

Custom query time period, random search itinerary, it is more effective and convenient to find people and objects;

electronic fence

Set the security alarm range, and alarm in time if the range is exceeded, so you are not afraid of getting lost;

Two-way conversation:

4G call function, two-way high-fidelity voice call;

SOS emergency call:

SOS emergency call for help and one-key dialing;

GPS upload interval is optional:

The upload time interval can be customized according to the positioning accuracy requirements;

APP battery display, low battery alarm:

Check the APP to know the battery level at any time. When the battery level is lower than 10%, the APP will alarm when the battery is low;

Multiple mode positioning

GPS+WIFI+AGPS+ LBS multiple intelligent positioning modes automatically switch, outdoor positioning accuracy can be as high as 10 meters;

Multi-platform remote operation control:

Mobile SMS, APP multi-platform operation to meet different conditions of use and operation;

password protection:

You can modify the login password at will;

Remote shutdown:

can be shut down remotely through the mobile phone APP as needed;

Small design:

The industry's first real MINI 4g lte gps tracking device, the product size is only: 49*42.5*19MM;

kind of fixed way

can be hung on the waist, hung on the neck, magnetic absorption to meet the different habits of people, vehicles, and objects.

What are the advantages of 4g gps tracker over 2g gps tracker

Everyone knows that the current mobile phone network is basically 4G, or even 5G, and 2G can no longer be seen, but most of the locators on the market are still 2G. Why don't the locators use 4G?

In fact, there have been 4G GPS trackers for a long time, but the cost is relatively expensive and the cost performance is not high. Now the cost of 4G trackers has also dropped a lot, especially in some remote areas, 2G base stations have been removed, and the signal is not strong, only 4G The signal is stable. For some current devices, there are more pictures, real-time upload of audio, and 2G network is slower, so 4g vehicle gps tracker is the future. For ordinary customers, the tracker may only be bought in N years, using 2g gps tracker, and also I am worried about whether it can be used continuously in a few years, and the installation and removal is also troublesome. It is better to directly put it in place and use a 4g vehicle GPS tracker.

The advantages and purchasing skills of installing 4g gps tracking device

1. The battery should be durable and have enough time to chase the car.

The working current of the 4g gps tracking device battery is 60~80mA@3V, the standby current is less than 3.5uA, and the capacity is 4500mA. How long can the battery last? After a long period of testing, the result is: about three years of use. In other words, after the device is placed in place, it can be used directly for three years without charging or replacing the battery.

2. The equipment is compact and concealed

Because it is free of installation, the advantage is that it is flexible and convenient, and can be placed at will. The first impression of getting the device is that it is very small, but it has a texture. Although it is small but not light, it may be because of the built-in lithium battery and strong magnetism. Bar. The new generation of 4g gps tracking device is twice as small as the previous generation. There are five strong magnets on the back, and when you take it to the side of the iron table, it is absorbed at once, and it is very strong. It is impossible to shake it down with ordinary vibration.

3. Three positioning methods of base station + GPS + WiFi

Supports two positioning methods: GPS and base station positioning. When there is no GPS signal, LBS positioning is automatically enabled, which solves the problem of inability to locate without GPS signal in many cases. Multiple positioning, more accurate positioning.

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