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Can wireless gps for car be placed in car exhaust?

Some time ago, some netizens said that after their car was sent for inspection, they found a wireless gps for car in the exhaust cylinder. Since the locator was determined not to have been installed by the owner and his family, the owner soon went to the police to report the case. We do not know the status of the investigation. But many netizens also have questions:

the installation position of GPS locator

First let's talk about the installation of GPS locator taboos. First, GPS locators should never be installed in extremely cold temperatures. Generally, the working temperature of the GPS locator ranges from -20 ° C to 75 ° C (refer to the specific number of the product model). If the temperature and humidity are too low or too high, the locator will stop working. Therefore, the positioner generally to avoid installation in the air conditioning pipe, roof, exhaust pipe near.

Second, the locator should not be installed in excessively wet places. The working humidity of the locator is usually controlled between 20% and 80%RH (refer to the model description of the product for the specific number). When installing the locator, you should choose a position that is not easy to water to ensure that the terminal is dry, such as avoiding installation under the windshield wiper, and pay attention to stay away from the air outlet to prevent condensation water accumulation in the terminal when the temperature difference changes, which seriously affects the service life of the product.

Third, the locator can not be installed in the area of interference. When installing a GPS locator, avoid placing it with a transmitting source, such as reverse radar, walkie-talkies, and other vehicle-mounted communications devices. At the same time, ensure that the host faces upward and has no metal or shield above it, and the horizontal tilt Angle is controlled within 15° to facilitate the locator to receive signals.

can the locator be installed in the car exhaust cylinder?

We combine the above to look at this problem, it can be concluded that wireless gps for car can not be installed in the car exhaust.

No matter how good the locator can not stand high temperature and water soaking, the locator is placed in the position of the exhaust cylinder, the locator is prone to rain soaking, and as long as the vehicle opens, the temperature of the exhaust cylinder position is higher than other places, the locator can not withstand, naturally it is easy to break.

Besides, a better locator will cost several hundred dollars. Under normal circumstances, the locator will not be placed in the position of the exhaust cylinder.

In general, pay special attention to the environment around the location when installing the positioner. If not, it's best to seek professional advice.

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