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How to choose the best value for money car locator device!

After entering the 21st century, the development of science and technology makes the vehicle become one of the most important means of transportation for contemporary residents, and naturally gives rise to a number of industries related to automobiles, such as auto finance, car rental, car sharing and so on. Many related enterprises will use GPS locator for risk control, but the on-board GPS locator on the market is various and versatile. Companies are also beginning to worry about which brand of GPS locator is the most cost-effective, and how to choose the best GPS locator for their needs?

In fact, the selection of a car locator device is not as difficult as expected. You only need to "apply the right medicine", which is mainly divided into the following steps.

First, clarify your needs.

The reason why most enterprises worry, mainly not clear their own needs, such as many enterprises need real-time monitoring, anti-theft and anti-demolition, track query, fence alarm and so on basic functions, but in addition to the functional needs of the enterprise to judge. Now the GPS locator functions produced by qualified manufacturers on the market are very rich, such as Eelink 4G global positioning terminal S06L this product in addition to the above basic functions, but also equipped with remote oil power cut, recording, ACC detection, so that enterprises can at any time for multi-vehicle management, check abnormal vehicles.

Second, define the desired style.

Now the GPS locator on the market is basically divided into wired and wireless two categories, so where is the difference between the two categories? Wired GPS locators are powered directly from the vehicle, so there is no room to install batteries, smaller size, but not flexible location. Wired GPS locator also supports 24-hour real-time positioning, but it is easy to be used by criminals to reverse detection or interference with the uninterrupted GPRS signal.

Wireless GPS locators, on the other hand, are larger because they require built-in batteries, but they are more flexible and hidden. In addition, the wireless locator can not be real-time positioning, but can autonomously control the position return time point, in a sense, can effectively avoid the signal detector, greatly enhance the equipment disassembly.

Some industries, such as auto finance and car rental, can adopt the scheme of installing wired + wireless positioner to complement each other's functions, and independently choose wired or wireless GPS positioner for monitoring according to the actual situation.

Third, understand how well the platform functions are equipped for use.

Good equipment also needs a good platform to manage. Now on the market, there are a lot of free lifetime use of the management platform for the purchase of equipment, which seems very attractive, but before placing an order, we need to consider whether the function of the management platform is perfect. Generally speaking, brand management system with industry qualifications will be more reliable, such as Eelink "instant positioning" platform, R&D engineers are industry elites. Moreover, basic functions such as monitoring and tracking, track inquiry, alarm notification and fence management can be met. It also supports personal customization and simultaneous management of multiple devices. Only when equipped with a complete platform function, the purchased car GPS locator can really play a role.

In addition, when selecting the car locator device, it is necessary to select major brands as far as possible. Only major brands can guarantee the product quality and after-sales service. If three unqualified manufacturers are selected, it will be difficult to repair the fault.

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